BMM – April 2014


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 3, 2014
Trailhead Brewery, St. Charles, MO



Treasurer’s Report   [Jim Buford]  NOT PRESENT

Current balance reported:  $16,220.20

President Note:  Jim to set an additional budget meeting with Tim R / Mike


Monthly Meeting   [Tim Schwierjohn /Greg Parkinson]

Will create and provide a master list of events and sponsors.  Brenda will send invoices to those associates that need one for donations.

Events Confirmed:

4/28 – Forest Hills (opening event)
MTI purchasing drinks
GreensPro providing lunch
Prize sponsors are Agrium and Helena
will put sponsors on website

5/19 – Joint Meeting w/ So Illinois – Gateway National

6/16 – Green Cup  – Old Warson CC

8/15 – Cardinal Game/Putting Contest – Tapawingo

9/8 – Winghaven

10/20 – Crown Point – Annual Tournament

Presidents Note:  Send a thank you email to Nick at Sunset for hosting the Assistants event.   Also need to send an email to all members with a list of upcoming events (Brenda will do this)

Website   [Tim Doll ]

Making decisions on website sponsor options – cost, placement on website, etc.

Tim will add events and sponsors to website

Presidents Note:  No more free website advertising. Possibly $250 per year.  Final cost TBD.  Work on letter to associates

Membership/GCSAA   [Khris Rickman]

3 new members approved
Steve Shortland – Associate – 9 to 5 Staffing  (PAID)
Virgil Range – SM – Sugar Creek Golf Club  (PAID)
Brent Vardsveen – Class C – The Legends CC  (PAID)

Green Cup [Rob Schaff]

2014 event will be held at Old Warson CC – JUNE 16

Food will be provided by Bob Brandt and Brad Garrett

Rob will call Jerry Keeven to see if he is interested in being a “key” sponsor (drinks?)

Will have a Bloody Mary bar in the morning (would like to find a sponsor)

Rob will find out what last years price was (golf, food after golf, etc) and Old Warson will charge LESS.

Agreed on price of $165 per person

Presidents Note:  Get Time the exact menu and total cost from Meadowbrook in 2013. Get mailer out April 14th.

Keep it Green [Rob Kick]

July 25th – Trivia Night for KIG
$240 per 8 person table
would like to physically mail a letter to all members in addition to sending an email. Will target the end of April for this to go out.

Education [Rob Kick]

Dermatologist not available for the Assistants golf event.  Will think of other ideas.

Scholarship/Research [Mike Null]

Setting a meeting with new committee members

Gateway Green   [Paul Hurst]

Not present / Nothing New

Assistant Liason   [Adam Lewis / Dan Lloyd]

April 14th will be the Assistants Event at Algonquin GC. 
$40 per person

The 3/24 event at Sunset was a big success.  May try to have the next similar event at Bellerive.  Considering doing an event on short notice (bad weather day)

Presidents Note: sent thank you to Sunset for hosting March event. Send as much advance notice of upcoming events as possible to increase attendance.

Ethics/Nominations   [Don Humphrey]

Nothing New (NOT PRESENT)

Need to followup at next meeting Don is present on issue at Old Hickory

Member Outreach   [Jim Buford]

Nothing New (NOT PRESENT)

Associate Director   [Ed Eschbacher/Rich Carlson]

Sprayer delivered to MU

Executive Director   [Brenda Morelock]

Transferred money successfully from PayPal account.  Will plan on transferring money the first of each month from PayPal to bank account

Will send a GHIN renewal email to members





John O’Leary would like two people from the MVGCSA to be on the board that plans the Missouri Cup event.  Also would like us to generate $1500 donations from our vendors for the event

John Cunningham would like to make the Equipment Tech meetings a reality.  He has created a list of what he would like the group to accomplish.  Will have Don call him to discuss details of what this is and what our involvement needs to be.



May 1 – Rob Schaff