BMM – April 2015


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from April 2, 2015 – Helen Fitzgerald’s – Schwierjohn


Tim Roethler

Mike Null

Ed Eschbacher

Greg Parkinson

Khris Rickman

Rob Schaff

Tim Schwierjohn

Rob Kick

Don Humphrey

Rich Carlson

Jimmy Bucher

Jim Buford – (not present)

Dan Lloyd

Paul Hurst – GG

Tim Doll – Website

Chuck Gast – DO




Approval of March Minutes [BOD]

  • Motion for approval – Schwierjohn; second Kick. Approval – unanimous.

Treasurer’s Report   [Chuck Gast for Jim Buford]

Current balance reported: $33,335.08

  • Debit Card has been converted to a Credit Card with enhanced limits to allow more flexibility during standard operating procedures and reduce cumbersome check writing. On-line banking has also been established to facilitate transactions and frequent review. All receivables (entry fees, dues, etc.) will be encouraged to be paid through the website (PayPal) for improved timeliness and enhanced tracking.

Presidents Notes [Tim Roethler]

  • On track with noticeable improvements of daily operations. Communication and organization key factors of primary concern.
  • Joint GIS Hospitality 2015 successful and echoed by past President of HAGCSA Todd Bohn. Agreement states both income and expense will be shared equally between the two Associations (MVGCSA and HAGCSA). Tentative plans to include attendance of Association Director each year from one Association to organize and conduct hospitality program on-site during GIS.
  • Request to recognize host Superintendent and Assistant(s) at every MVGCSA event.


Monthly Events [Tim Schwierjohn / Greg Parkinson]

  • Season Opener at Boone is now filled with 64 players registered and pairing sheet complete.
  • On-line registration and payment was successful for this event. Waiting list has been started for this event.
  • Schwierjohn and Parkinson have all in order with related prices set. Drink sponsor Turfwerks – Ron Exler. Food sponsor – TBD.
  • Superintendent round table discussion prior to golf will provide educational interaction for all participants.

Details of this Opening event along with full 2015 calendar of events in last month’s minutes.

Keep it Green [Rob Kick]

  • Talks continue with outsourcing KIG fundraising initiative. Boyles and LaFontaine involved. Nothing definite to report at this time.

Education [Rob Kick]

  • Check now in hand for $1,422.24 from MoGIC as MVGCSA portion of proceeds. Offsets annual shop tour expense. Shop Tour 2015 will be at St. Louis CC – December 14th.
  • Monthly event calendar set. Working on event speakers for each.

GREEN Cup   [Rob Schaff]

  • Event date June 29, 2015 at Fox Run.
  • Registration at 8:30 AM with shotgun start at 9:30 SHARP!
  • Max players 108 at 6 / hole. Teams (36) of 3 players each, playing a 3-man scramble.
  • Entry fee set at $165 / player (same as 2014).
  • Fox Run has coolers and ice. All beer (no tap beer avail) purchased on-site.
  • Proshop will be closed as Pros have their own event locally the same day. Since Proshop gift certificates will NOT be possible, cash prizes will likely be awarded. Event golf shirts will be presented to each participant at check-in.
  • 50/50 raffle and closest to the hole challenge will be offered.
  • Gast will contact Curt Rohe (MAGA) about scoring options for this event.

Scholarship/Research   [Mike Null]

  • Xi Xong has sent thank you for recent contribution to research. Wants to discuss future topics soon with MVGCSA Research Committee.
  • Discussions will also involve Lee Miller and his research activities.

Website   [Tim Doll/Khris Rickman]

  • Doll making strides with streamlining operational procedures. Will improve efficiency and accuracy with routine procedure for future activities.
  • Setting up on-line annual dues renewal payments. Will improve accuracy in tracking membership payment dates and any necessary, follow up, late payment notices.

Membership/GCSAA   [Khris Rickman]

  • Three (3) new member apps for approval:

– Tim Kauffman – Jefferson City CC – Class A (pd 3-16-15)

– Adam Distler – Jefferson City CC – Class C (pd 3-16-15)

– Justen Kreid – Erb Turf Equipment– Class AS (pd 3-20-15)


  • Rickman developed new member “Welcome” letter to be signed by Director of Operations, President and Membership Chairman and sent to each new member along with current member roster book. New member also to receive an email from MVGCSA main office pointing out office contact info and website address.


Gateway Green   [Paul Hurst]

  • Summer 2015 articles for the Gateway Green are due by May 1st!!

Assistant Liason   [Adam Lewis / Dan Lloyd / Jimmy Bucher]

  • Next Assistant’s event April 14 at The Legends
  • Speaker at 12 noon- Scott Woodbury from Shaw Nature Reserve scheduled
  • 4 man scramble – shotgun start at 12:30 – entry fee $45 / player
  • Food sponsor – MTI – Ed Eschbacher   Drink sponsor – Keeven Bros


Ethics [Don Humphrey]

Discussion about previous issue involving Matt O’Dell and Justen Patterson. O’Dell expressed concerned with method of handling by BOD. Ethic’s Chair Humphrey and DO Gast spoke with O’Dell prior to this April BOD meeting. President Roethler will follow up with call to O’Dell to explain Board actions taken at the time. O’Dell and Patterson have had discussion. All matters resolved. No further action required.

Member Outreach   [Jim Buford]

No report

Associate Director   [Rich Carlson/Ed Eschbacher]

No report

Director of Operations   [Chuck Gast]

  • Review proposed event log and event sign-up sheets for enhanced record keeping.
  • Review Boone pairing sheet. Efforts made to pair 4-some of Class A & C with Class AS.
  • Event host and personnel NOT to be charged event fees.
  • Annual 2015 calendar of events reviewed from Schwierjohn and Parkinson. Will be sent to all Associate members to ask for participation with event sponsorship.
  • Discussed possible Corporate sponsorship program. Reviewed HAGCSA “Partner Recognition Program”.
  • Review summary of joint GIS Hospitality program. Net proceeds of $7,291.27 split between MVGCSA and HAGCSA. Net proceeds to be contributed to each Associations scholarship and research funds. Acknowledgement to contributing associates was sent thanking them for their support.
  • Reviewed proposed State Technical College of Missouri in Linn, MO Turf Equipment Technology program. Chris Rapp, Equipment Manager, Bellerive CC is spearheading this drive. All Board members given packet of info with attached questionnaire that is to be returned asap to Ryan Klatt, Department Chair at STC of MO.
  • Andy Sprunt made request to bring financial assistance to former MVGCSA Superintendent Mark Vavra who is suffering from spinal meningitis. Wes Mathany and S. Illinois GCSA are heading up the effort. Will contact Wee One for possible assistance.
  • Curt Rohe (MAGA) has agreed to move the MVGCSA logo to the home page of their Association web site, similar as MVGCSA has displayed MAGA.
  • Tim Gamma has offered his office board room for a possible meeting place for future MVGCSA BOD meetings. Tim has also graciously donated $1,200 to MVGCSA from funds generated through winter tree pruning operations at area golf courses.


  • Technician classification established by GCSAA. Dues waved for first year applicants. MVGCSA exploring dual membership of Technicians in conjunction with GCSAA.


  • Brenda Morelock now reassigned on an hourly contract consulting basis only. She will be utilized on a limited basis to assist with transition operations.

Next Meeting –
Chair Rickmon