BMM – April 2017

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – April 12, 2017– J Greene’s – Roethler

Mike Null

Rob Schaff

Jim Buford (A)

Kolby Armbruster

Dan Randant

Tim Roethler

Khris Rickman

Rob Kick

Mike Smith

Tim Doll – Website (A)

Dave Pini (A)

Justen Patterson

Tim Schwierjohn (A)

Ron Exler (A)

Chuck Gast – DO

Tim Burch – Guest


Presidents Report [Mike Null]

Mike stated “Good job on Opener – keep it up”.

Approval of Minutes March 8,2017 Motion by Tim Roethler Second by Khris Rickman

Treasurer’s Report [Jim Buford]

Current balance with US Bank is $43,847.86


Education [Tim Schwierjohn / Justen Patterson/ Dave Pini]

Working on Sept ’17 event – Tim Allen out.

August event at bowling alley!

Possible mouse races as an event idea.

2018 possible Opener at Boone Valley or St Louis CC.

Need 2018 calendar of events set by October 2017 to allow ASP form to be sent to Affiliates.

Research [Rob Schaff / Rob Kick]

Discussed tee gift for Green Cup. Nadine – scotch glasses w Green Cup logo being considered.

Mike Null has potential candidates to replace Tim Schwierjohn.

Membership [Khris Rickman]

New applications:

  • Pete Tebbe – MTI (AFF)

  • Ron Wilshusen – The Legends CC (C)

Mike Null requested a generic invoice for events to be a part of the event invitation. A receipt should be specific.

Membership Outreach [Jim Buford]

No report

Ethics/Bylaws [Tim Roethler]

No report

Director of Operations [Chuck Gast]

Reviewed Season Opener Fox Run event summary sheet.

GHIN fees due by May 15th at $20 per person. Instructed to enter ALL members of MVGCSA. If you don’t enter scores and therefore have no handicap, you will be given a “0” handicap for any net golf event.

Franklin Co. and Innsbrook desire to have an MVGCSA event.

Scholarship application request will be sent again to all MVGCSA members. Due May 31st!

Affiliate sponsor banner discussion. Current 2016 banner may be too busy. Discussed possibly displaying ONLY platinum donors for the 2017 banner. Reviewed ASP summary sheet. Erb logo coloration needs to be corrected on next banner.

Discussed upcoming Wee One event in KC. Foursome sign-up. Motion by Roethler second by Schaff to send check for $250 directly to Melchior family. Motion passed.

Discussed Tim Doll position as website manager. All agreed Lamma doing a great job! Business to proceed as usual.

Assistant Liaisons [Mike Smith / Kolby Armbruster]

No report

Associate Liaisons [Ron Exler / Dan Randant]

No report


Joint hospitality night discussed. As previously decided, Mike called HAGCSA President and explained that we would not continue a joint event with the HA in the future.

All agreed an interactive forum through the website would be a nice perk to MV members.


Discussion of possible addition of a Technician position on the MV BOD. Discussed possibly sending a representative to BOD meeting at least once per year. All agreed more Technician members are needed within the MVGCSA. Tech BOD position tabled for now.

Tim Burch presented Board with a check for $3,000 from last Dec MoGIC conference. Event sponsors down to 4 now as MOTOC and MLNA combined to form MO Green Industry Alliance. Announced MoGIC 2017 to be Nov 29th!

Jon Strauss idea to have a concert night with Paul Hurst to benefit the KIG Initiative. Spouse invited.

NEXT BOD MEETING – Wednesday, June 14, 2017 – Host Tim Schwierjohn

MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion by Justen Patterson Second by Rob Schaff