BMM – December 2014

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Dec 11, 2014 
Urban Chestnut Brewing Co

Tim Roethler

Mike Null

Brenda Morelock

Adam Lewis

Paul Hurst

Rob Schaff

Tim Schwierjohn

Rob Kick

Don Humphrey

Rich Carlson

Jimmy Bucher

Jim buford

Dan Lloyd

Tim Doll


Treasurer’s Report [Jim Buford]
Current balance reported: $46,900
Presidents Notes [Tim Roethler]
Welcomed Jimmy to the board as a new assistant member
.  Plan to keep 25k for operating budget next year.  
Keep it Green – Xi will get $2500. Xi and Lee will also get more for labor costs

Education [Rob Kick]
Shop Tour is Dec 15th but the location has been moved to St Albans 
Need to reserve a hotel room for speaker from WI – Doug Soldat (Rob K will take care of)
Also need to pay him an honorarium – will check with Dan as to amount
Sunset CC gave 9 days notice that we could not use our normal, successful agenda at the shop tour so it was easier at that point to move to a new location vs adjust our agenda.
Brenda will provide Adam a list of the past 10 education event locations for a banner
Brenda will log education points for all members after the event. Non members will be provided with the approval code so they can enter their own points online with the GCSAA 

Keep it Green [Rob Kick]
See presidents note
Monthly Meeting [Tim Schwierjohn /Greg Parkinson]
Need to decide at the January meeting what the details and pricing will be for the opening event at Boone Valley since there is no February meeting.
GREEN Cup [Rob Schaff]
Confirmed for 2015 to be at Fox Run GC. June 29th confirmed as date
Scholarship/Research [Mike Null]
Nothing new at this time
Website [Tim Doll (Rickman absent)]
Nothing new to report
Membership/GCSAA [Khris Rickman]
Nothing new / not in attendance
Gateway Green [Paul Hurst]
Articles are due for the next issue. Labels will be sent to the printer.
Assistant Liason [Adam Lewis / Dan Lloyd / Jimmy Bucher]
The Legends will host the annual Assistants golf event – looking at April 14th for the event date.
Will try to have another roundtable type meeting in late January – review pictures of projects from the past year, etc. Details TBD
Ethics [Don Humphrey]
Justen Patterson approached the board with two concerns : 1) Not receiving proper notification from Matt O’Dell when playing golf on his course. 2) Justen expressed concern regarding a bid in which Matt O’Dell had a discussion with an owner at the Legends.

Will ask Justen to send an email to Matt asking him to please notify him when playing golf – just as a courtesy.
Don will follow up with Matt and Justen regarding issues and remind them both of the current by-laws, etc.
Member Outreach [Jim Buford]
Nothing new
Associate Director [Rich Carlson/Ed Eschbacher]
Nothing New
Executive Director [Brenda Morelock]
Roster books are complete and will be picked up and made available to members at the shop tour. Those not handed out will be mailed to members in January.
Motion made and approved for Search Committee to actively look for and interview candidates for Director of Operations.
MOGIC conference had low superintendent attendance
Rob Kick and Paul Hurst asked for approval to meet with ‘Amber’ to help give the Keep it Green fundraising a kick start. She runs many other local fund raising events which are very successful. Board approved this meeting so Rob and Paul will meet with her to get ideas and will report back to the board.
Consider playing the video from the golf summit at the Education event at St. Albans

January Meeting – January 8th (J Greenes?)