BMM – December 2015


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – December 10, 2015 – Shelly’s – Jim Buford



Mike NullTim RoethlerEd Eschbacher
Rob SchaffKhris RickmanGreg Parkinson (A)
Jim BufordRob KickJusten Patterson
Kolby ArmbrusterJimmy BucherTim Schwierjohn
Dan Randant

Paul Hurst – GG

Tim Doll – WebsiteChuck Gast – DO

December minutes approved – Motion Rob Schaff – 2nd Jim Buford – Motion passed


Presidents Report [Mike Null]

Mike distributed committee chair appointments for 2016 with flow charts outlining responsibilities for each committee. (See attached)

Treasurer’s Report   [Jim Buford] 

Current balance reported:  $33,027.98

MVGCSA has a $1250 balance due to Mizzou for 2nd payment of billbug study.



Education  [Tim Schwierjohn / Greg Parkinson / Justen Patterson]

Search underway for host sites for 2016 events.

After discussion, it was decided to offer similar set of events as provided in 2015.

Events with potential sites are as follows:

April – Opening event – St. Louis CC

May – Joint w SIGCSA – Annbriar GC

June – Green Cup – Greenbriar CC   Wes Kleffner w Bayer expressed desire to sponsor

Aug – 9 Hole – Bogey Log Cabin

Sept – Fall Classic – TBD

Oct – MV Champ – TBD                     Mo Cup – Oct 3 & 4, 2016

Nov – Annual Meeting

Research  [Rob Schaff / Rob Kick]

Shop Tour is set for Monday Dec 14th at St. Louis CC. Lee Redman to receive Honorary membership at this meeting.

Meadowbrook CC / Mike Carron has set up a very successful, voluntary program to benefit the KIG initiative. A donation fee of $2 is charged to each member on their dues statement to accept or decline. A check for $784 was received by MVGCSA from Meadowbrook in Dec. This program is a great model for other clubs to copy.

Membership  [Khris Rickman]

New member – John Rogers of St. Ann GC approved.

Membership Outreach  [Jim Buford]

Dan Randant appointed to assist Jim with this Committee. Jim pointed out that Associate members are our ears in the field.

Ethics/Bylaws  [Tim Roethler]

No report.

Director of Operations  [Chuck Gast]

RSVP’s for shop tour now at 82 with expectations to eclipse 100 at the meeting.

Need to develop job descriptions for Assistant and Associate Liaison’s.

Proceeding with bank switch from Bank of Midwest to US Bank to enhance accessability.

Dan and Eddie to develop survey to then poll Associates to assist in establishing annual vendor level donation programs.

Hospitality night set. Title sponsors at $2,000 each as set by HAGCSA. Contributing sponsor fee set at $500 each. Discussion yielded desire to collect at least $12,000 to help offset expense in San Diego as cost is relatively higher than other locations.

Assistant Liaison’s   [Jimmy Bucher / Kolby Armbruster]

No report

Associate Director’s   [Ed Eschbacher / Dan Randant]

No report


BOD meetings to lean towards the 2nd Wed of each month throughout 2016.


None to report

MOTION TO ADJOURN – Motion made by Rob Kick, 2nd by Rob Schaff – Passed

Next Meeting – Jan 2016. Location TBD