BMM – December 2017

Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes – December 6, 2017

Rob Schaff Khris Rickman Rob Kick
John Briggs Dave Pini Justen Patterson
Chris Finnerty Mike Smith (A) Matt Czarnecki
Jim Buford (G) Tim Roethler (G) Ron Exler
Mike Null Tim Doll – Website (A) Chuck Gast – DO
Mike Carron (G) Paul Hurst (G) Rich Carlson (G)
Kolby Armbruster (G) Dan Randant (G)

President’s Report [Rob Schaff]
No report

Approval of Minutes from 11/01/17 Motion by: Approved by:
Mike Null Rob Kick
Treasurer’s Report [Rob Kick]
Current balance reported at US Bank: $49,399.42
Minus $10K for Mizzou research checks plus a couple other outstanding checks, estimate yearend balance low to mid $30’s.

Education [Justen Patterson/Chris Finnerty]
Season Opener looks good for Westwood CC – Host Corey Witzman
Shop Tour ‘18 – tentative for Fox Run possible Round Table discussion PM ST ‘18
Assistants ’18 Opener April – tentative Norwood CC

Research [Rob Kick/Dave Pini]
Research grants awarded to Mizzou at $10,000. Given at ST ’17 ($5K Xiong & $5K Miller)
Xiong – sedge/kylinga study (2yr) Miller – pythium root dysfunction w irrigation water
NOTE: MVGCSA has committed to another $5K to Xiong for 2019!
Lee Miller has also expressed need for any decent equipment for research farm.

Membership [Khris Rickman/John Briggs]
1 new member – Grant Rosenthal (A) – Eagle Knoll
Website upgrades currently underway for 2018!

Membership Outreach [John Briggs]
No report

Ethics/Bylaws [Mike Null]
No report

Director of Operations [Chuck Gast]
BOD members to sign 2017 Christmas cards. Chuck to send to all Affiliate members ASAP
Need to appoint voting delegate for 2018 GIS. Khris Rickman appointed for 2018 only.
BOD review ASP letter and sign-up form for 2018. Board approved with an addition of a sentence describing transition to the 2018 banner! Chuck to mail to all Affiliates ASAP!
Education Committee to establish hard dates for each 2018 event.
With Don Humphrey retiring as Chapter Delegate, need to appoint new Chapter Delegate for 2018. Carter DeMay has expressed interest in filling this position for the MVGCSA. Carter to be contacted by Matt Czarnecki and Chuck.
With Rob Kick newly elected to position as MVGCSA Treasurer, bank signature updates at US Bank included adding Rob as a co-signer with Chuck and removing Jim Buford from the signature list.
Passed out monthly host assignments for 2018 BOD meetings. Each BOD has been assigned a month to host and locate a venue for the meeting. It was pointed out that a private, quiet room was of primary importance in selecting a meeting site. It was also discussed to possibly establish a centralized meeting place to minimize travel time for all and establish a report with one given business on a consistent basis.

Assistant Liaisons [Mike Smith/Adam Lewis]
No report
Affiliate Liaisons [Ron Exler/Doug Harskamp]
No report
Tim Roethler reviewed the proposed Roger Null Internship program that will be a coordinated effort between the MVGCSA and the MAGA potentially scheduled for the 2018 season. The Board is awaiting a written description of the program from Curt Rohe of the MAGA.
Motion was made by Rob Kick with a second from Mike Null to award Jim Buford, outgoing Treasure, an honorary membership for his dedication and service over the past 28+ years as Treasurer of the MVGCSA. Motion passed unanimously. Award to be presented at the 2018 Season Opening event at Westwood CC.
Motion was made to fund expenses for either the MVGCSA President or Vice-President to attend the GIS GCSAA Annual Meeting this February in San Antonio. Motion made by Rob Kick with second by Matt Czarnecki. Motion passed. MVGCSA to cover airfare, hotel and reasonable expenses for MV representative to attend this Annual Meeting Thursday, February 9th in San Antonio. It was decided that Khris Rickman, MVGCSA Vice-President would attend this Annual Meeting on behalf of the MVGCSA and serve as the Chapter voting delegate at the Annual election of GCSAA officers and Board.
Newly elected President Rob Schaff made the following Committee Chairmen appointments for the 2018 fiscal year:
Education – Justen Patterson & Chris Finnerty
Research – Rob Kick & Dave Pini
Membership – Khris Rickman & John Briggs
Membership Outreach – John Briggs
Ethics & By-Laws – Mike Null
Historical – Tim Roethler, Jim Buford & Tim Burch
MoGIC – Khris Rickman, Matt Czarnecki & Tim Burch
Roger Null Internship Program – Tim Roethler & John Briggs
Rob Schaff pointed out that the recently purchased projector screen for the ST ‘17 is somewhat small for group presentations, so requested it be returned and a larger screen be purchased.

NEXT BOD MEETING – January 10, 2018 Host Rob Schaff

MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion by Second by
Justen Patterson Mike Null