BMM – December 2019


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – December 11, 2019


Khris Rickman Rob KickChris Finnerty
John BriggsDave PiniJimmy Bucher
Corey Harvey Jeff StickfordMatt Czarnecki
Rich CarlsonAdam LewisErik Parker
Rob SchaffTim Doll – WebsiteChuck Gast – DO
Roethler /Buford – HistCarter DeMay – Ch DelJames Arnold – ET (A)

Guests – Paul Hurst, Tim Burch, Doug Harskamp, Nick Hittler


President’s Report   [Khris Rickman]

Khris welcomed newly elected BOD’s and guests. Thanks to Rob Schaff

Announced new Ass’t Liaisons Corey Harvey (1) and Jeff Stickford (2) along with new Affiliate Liaison Rich Carlson (2).

Khris announced new committee assignments for 2020. Requested that all committee’s complete committee work prior to BOD meetings. Only report recommendations at BOD meetings.

Approval of Minutes from                              Motion by:                              Seconded by:

November 6, 2019                             Rob Kick                                    Matt Czarnecki


Treasurer’s Report   [Chris Finnerty] 

Current balance at US Bank:  $64,894.30 as of 11/30/19

$5,000 has been allocated to the BMP initiative for 2020. $1,200 to be expensed in Apr

Research checks to Mizzou totaling $10,000 will be expensed in Dec 2019

Funding for the upcoming 75th Anniversary book, as approved at the July ’19 BOD meeting, is not to exceed $2,000. Jim Healey has requested an initial payment of $1,250 be submitted in January to proceed with work on this project. Chuck to complete in January.


Education  [John Briggs/Dave Pini/Jimmy Bucher]

Chris Finnerty has finalized details for Shop Tour for Jan 2020. Points from GCSAA to be determined soon. Chuck to send email invitation to members mid-December. Chris to assist at registration table.

Research  [Rob Kick/Rich Carlson]

2019 KIG contributions have totaled $800 collectively from (3) contributors Boone Valley, Bogey/Log Cabin and Fox Run GC. Discussion of how to increase donations for this endeavor to assist in funding scholarships.

Gamma Tree experts have pledged $1,000 for the KIG program.

Paul Hurst volunteered to serve on this committee.

Membership  [Adam Lewis/Carter DeMay]

(3) New members –
Willie Nelson (B) – Aberdeen GC
Rockney Dollarhide (C) – Aberdeen GC
Ann Dollarhide (AP) – Aberdeen GC

 Membership Outreach and Ethics/Bylaws [Rob Schaff/Chris Finnerty]

No report

BMP’s [Matt Czarnecki/CarterDeMay]

Committee had a conference call this AM to discuss progress. Two sections of this process were completed Dec 15th2019. A meeting has been set for Jan 6th where 4 more sections are projected to be completed. Total sections for this project are 15 as set forth by the GCSAA. A consultant has been hired to assist in the completion of this project. Document will be generic as per EPA guidelines. GCSAA has issued a $10,000 grant to assist in completing this project. Total cost estimated around $13,600. MVGCSA first installment of $1,200 of the $5,000 commitment will be due the 1stof April 2020.


Director of Operations  [Chuck Gast]

Reviewed Annual meeting log summary. 71 attended with expense of $4,227.67

Directors to sign Christmas cards to be sent to all Affiliates

GCSAA Chapter assessment survey due Dec 31st. Rob Kick overseeing this project.

MAGA has increased GHIN dues from $20 to $22 for the 2020 season.

Reported that the 2020 ASP letter and sign-up form has been sent via USPS to all Affiliates. Reviewed the 2015-19 sum totals from all ASP contributors.

Attendance points will not be given in 2020 for the recent MoGIC conference as there was no attendance record kept of attendees.

Assistant Liaisons  [Corey Harvey/Jeff Stickford]

An Assistant educational meeting will likely be held in Feb of 2020.

The Assistant Opening golf event for 2020 will be in May at the Lake St. Louis GC.

Affiliate Liaisons  [Eric Parker/Rich Carlson]

No report

HISTORICAL COMMITTEE  [Jim Buford/Tim Roethler]

Rough draft of anniversary book nearing completion. Committee looking at revising multiple lists within this book. Requesting any additional historical info for submission to this committee.

Possible hard cover book of near 100 pages. Cost to members approx. $45 non-members $85-100. Possible add check box to 2020 dues to purchase this publication. Possible 200 books to be printed at a cost of near $9,000. Survey to be completed during upcoming shop tour to assist in determining potential number of books needed.

As previous in these minutes, $1,250 needed the 1st of 2020 to progress with this project. John Briggs motioned that $1,500 be made available now for partial payment for this work. (A total of $2,000 was approved for this project at the July 2019 BOD meeting.) Rob Kick 2nd. Motion passed. Chuck to send $1,250 to Jim Healey in Jan 2020.

Books possibly completed early in 2020. Hard deadline by Sept 2020.


No report



Reviewed ASP call list per Khris Rickman. Board members to call their list of Affiliates and thank them for previous involvement in ASP and ask if there are any questions with ASP 2020.


Schaff re-emphasized completion of the Chapter assessment survey per GCSAA due Dec 31st. Rob Kick and Khris Rickman will complete.

Carter DeMay recommended completion of the Member Needs Survey from GCSAA.

Carter requested financial assistance for housing at the upcoming GIS in Orlando as our Chapter/Voting Delegate. Requesting (3) nights at $115 per night. TBD

Discussed possible centralized BOD meeting venue for 2020.


NEXT BOD MEETING – January 15th              Host – Khris Rickman          Venue – Syberg’s Dorsett


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