BMM – February 2020


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – February 12, 2020 

Khris Rickman
Rob Kick
Chris Finnerty
John Briggs
Dave Pini(A)
Jimmy Bucher
Corey Harvey(A)
Jeff Stickford
Matt Czarnecki
Rich Carlson
Adam Lewis
Erik Parker
Rob Schaff (A)
Tim Doll – Website
Chuck Gast – DO
Roethler/Buford(A) – Hist
Carter DeMay – Ch Del
James Arnold – ET (A


President’s Report   [Khris Rickman]

Called to order at 1:00 PM

Khris commented on Hospitality night in Orlando as a success with 83 in attendance as well as attendance by the Exec’s from GCSAA. 

Approval of Minutes from Motion by: Seconded by:

January 15, 2020                                  Rob Kick                                      Chris Finnerty

Treasurer’s Report   [Chris Finnerty]  

Current balance reported at US Bank:  $41,156.48 plus remainder in old bank account of $4,394.60. Checks to Healey $1,250 and Wee One $1,000 still outstanding. 

Budget numbers slightly off due to Shop Tour in Jan ‘20 rather than Dec ’19 and Hospitality expense hit in Jan rather than Feb.


Education  [John Briggs/Dave Pini/Jimmy Bucher]

4/27 Opener – Boone Valley (72) max players $100 entry for members $150 non-members
5/18 Spring Classic – Westborough (80) max
6/1 Chapter Challenge – Glen Echo 11AM shotgun
8/? Co-Ed event – Top Golf 6-9 PM will need 8 bays   Chuck to reserve
9/22 MV Champ – St. Peters

Board requested to submit Shop Tour subject ideas to JB for possible inclusion in this year’s program.                          

Research  [Rob Kick/Rich Carlson]

Green Cup committee met earlier this week with 8 in attendance to discuss event scheduled October 19th at St. Albans celebrating the 75th anniversary of the MVGCSA. Major discussion of 18-hole or 36-hole event depending on number of contestants. Host Dan Lloyd has opened the venue to both courses if needed. TBD at a later date. 

Price of this year’s Green Cup will be all inclusive to include ALL on-course events i.e. CTP’s, mulligans, etc. 

Options to team up with a charitable organization for this event. Also, possibly include TV/radio sports commentators and celebrities to promote event and possibly participate in golf. 

Rob pointed out that sponsorship through ASP and tee signs will be key to success of this event. 

Next GC committee meeting will be March 9, 2020. 

Membership  [Adam Lewis/Carter DeMay] 

New members (2) to be considered for membership.

Matt Keeven (AF) – Emerald View Turf Farm
Andrew Decker (B) – Effingham CC 

Both approved!

Membership Outreach and Ethics & By-Laws [Schaff/Finnerty/Stickford/Carlson]

No report

BMP’s [Matt Czarnecki/Carter DeMay]

Carter discussed involvement of Dr. Unruh at Univ. of FL with national BMP initiative regarding facility implementation. Dr. Unruh developed template for all BMP’s at UF as FL was the 1st state to develop and implement BMP’s. Pointed out that the BMP completed at each facility will remain with that facility and not with the individual. MV/MO on track for completion. 

Director of Operations [Chuck Gast]

Shop Tour expenses – $1,309

Hospitality expenses – $3,346 plus previous $500 deposit. 83 in attendance

ASP involvement so far for 2020 is a little slow. Anticipate activity to pick up. Totals to date to be sent to all BOD’s. 

Assistant Liaisons [Jeff Stickford/Corey Harvey]

Spring round table set for March 3 at Twin Peaks in Chesterfield at 1:00 PM. Include ET’s!
Discussed that Assistant’s and ET’s attend all meetings collectively. 

Assistant spring golf event at Lake St. Louis GC – date TBD   Extra carts may be needed.

Affiliate Liaisons [Eric Parker/Rich Carlson]

No report

HISTORICAL COMMITTEE [Jim Buford/Tim Roethler]

Feb 7th committee meeting resulted in refinement of direction with book layout. Meeting included past MV members i.e. Wolfe, O’Brien, Mitchell, etc.

Comm requesting guest articles to be added to book. Due date around April 15th. 

Book to comprise approx.. 150 pages. Possibly print 150 copies initially. Ballpark $47 / copy. Possibly include check box for book purchase on 2020 dues invoice.

Comm requesting photo shoot for current Supts March 9th. Assist’s and ET’s March 3rd. 


Khris Rickman to talk with Mike Carron and James Arnold requesting James attend at least 4 meetings per year, before and after both scheduled ET meetings for 2020.  


Carter DeMay discussed voting procedure at recent GIS annual meeting. Fulling-Pres, Jordan-VP, Breen-Sec/Treas, Sunderland and Dykstra-Directors. 


Khris discussed recent issues with bogus emails. Also, discussed recent hack of MV computer that is unrelated. Rob Kick requested ok to purchase new computer to eliminate potential problems with computer operations. Rob Kick motioned and John Briggs second to establish SOP where Director of Operations has authority to spend $1,000 or less without the approval of the BOD’s. Motion passed. 

To diversify MV funds, suggested to invest partial funds into a money market or the like. Requested to check with Jeff Baxter to determine best route. 

Chris Finnerty motioned and Matt Czarnecki second to deposit funds in excess of $25,000 to be placed in a separate account such as a money market fund. Motion passed. Annual adjustments will be made following annual review by Sec/Treas. 

NEXT BOD MEETING – March 11, 2020    at Syberg’s Dorsett       

MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion by         Second by 
Rob Kick                                              Chris Finnerty