BMM – January 2014


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Jan. 9, 2014

Tim Roethler

Mike Null

Jim Buford

Rob Kick

Tim Schwierjohn

Rob Schaff

Khris Rickman

Greg Parkinson

Ed Eschbacher

Rich Carlson

Adam Lewis

Dan Lloyd

Paul Hurst

Brenda Morelock




Tim Doll


Treasurer’s Report [Jim Buford]

Current balance reported: $7796.65
Will meet with Brenda/Don re: membership and compensation (before March)
President Note: Set Budget meeting in Feb with Tim/Mike



  • $13,300 in donations so far
    Extra $$ from MVGCSA will go to Keep it Green. Tim R is talking with the Heart about their portion of the extra funds going to KIG as well

Monthly Meeting [Tim Schwierjohn /Greg Parkinson]

  • Moving forward with the point system for events. Asked board about giving certain events a higher “weight” or score and decided No, with the exception of the Annual Meeting. Will draw for the prize at the annual meeting. Draw from top 5 point winners

  • Decided point accumulation will start with shop tour each year and end with the annual meeting.

  • Will give 2 prizes – one for superintendents and one for assistants. Board members and associates will not be included. Possible prizes for superintendents: entry fee to national golf tourney OR set of clubs ($350 value). Assistant prize will be approx. $250 value (to be determined)

  • Will send an email announcing the point system to all members.

  • Presidents Note: Make sure ALL events have flyers/banners made up listing sponsor. Get info to Tim R/Adam and they can have printed via OWCC pro shop. Also, after every event, both Tim and Greg send personal email thank you to sponsor(s) and host club. Brenda will also send a thank you email to both on behalf of the board of directors/association. Waiting to hear from Hynson about hosting the opening event.

  • Tentative schedule:
    – Spring = charity event
    – May – Tapawingo baseball/putting contest
    – June – Old Warson CC – GREEN cup
    – Jul/Aug – Winghaven
    – Oct – Crown Pointe – annual tourney

Website [Tim Doll / Khris Rickman]

  • Nothing New

  • Presidents Note: Get hospitality sponsors on website by Monday Jan 13th.
    Get info to members about logging into website and creating password.

Membership/GCSAA [Khris Rickman ]

  • Need to revisit new clasifications proposed so that people/businesses like Nadine can be included. Would prefer to restructure existing classifications rather than adding new ones. Will prepare for a vote at the annual meeting.

Keep it Green [Rob Kick]

  • Planning on meeting with Mizzou to see how we can increase their participation in fundraising. Will do a lot of networking at the hospitality event about KIG also.

  • Presidents Note: Kick will be giving a “Thank Sponsors” speech at the hospitality event.
    Create a 2 page flyer that is very simple and clear that explains KIG and where the $$ goes. This should be something that can be handed out by pro shops, members, etc

Education [Rob Kick]

  • Nothing New
    Will get a skin cancer speaker for the assistants event (Rob has a friend who is a dermatologist that can probably speak)

Scholarship/Research [Mike Null]

  • Working on a new survey to send to members

  • Presidents Note: get survey info to Lamma and email survey to members.

Green Cup [Rob Schaff]

  • 2014 event will be held at Old Warson CC – JUNE 16

  • Presidents Note: Green Cup gifts will be a black hat with green cup logo on front, OWCC logo on side Pluse a black bag towel with green cup logo. Coordinate with Nadine for approx $20-25 cost. Will order white shirts and black hats for board members only and will wear at all events prior to Green Cup to promote.

Gateway Green [Paul Hurst]

  • Nothing New to report

Assistant Liason [Adam Lewis / Dan Lloyd]

  • Meeting next week to discuss events for the year (facility tour, round table, golf event)

  • Working on a location for the golf event. May want to consider late march.

  • Assistant events need to be held during the day, focus on education and be as professional as possible.

  • Presidents Note: Secured Sunset CC for an “Assistant Superintendent Facility Tour”. This event should have a quick speaker (superintendent), a course tour allow QnA time about contruction/projects/ag practices. Event time should be no more than 2 hours

Ethics/Nominations [Don Humphrey]

  • Nothing New

Member Outreach [Jim Buford]

  • Discussed sending individual cards/notes to Dave Klinkhammer

Associate Director [Ed Eschbacher/Rich Carlson]

  • Have spoke to a few courses about hosting events. Clarified $ guidelines for events.

Executive Director [Brenda Morelock]

  • Handed out roster books at Education event. Remainder were passed to board memebers to hand out to those they see. Remaining ones will be mailed.

  • Presidents Note: coordinate with Heart re: signs for hospitality, delivery and setup





John Haguewood wants to meet with members next week. Board decided that board members only would meet with him Wednesday at 1pm at Roethlers office. Don will email John details. Any board members who can make it are welcome.

Discussed having an option on dues renewal this year to indicate if member would like printed roster book – possibly cut down on printing costs and hassle of distributing books.

Discussed trivia night for KIG as a good way to bring in outside $$. May consider for Jan/Feb/Mar 2015

Consider mailers for important events. Possibly send 3x per year with each mailer listing the next 3 events.

Tim R called some superintendents and relayed input from Nick Zerr. His suggestion was to have the assistants events during the day, simplify fundraising and include assistants more.



March 6th – Mike Null