BMM – January 2017

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – January 11, 2017– Tap House – Null

Mike Null

Rob Schaff

Jim Buford

Kolby Armbruster

Dan Randant

Tim Roethler

Khris Rickman

Rob Kick

Mike Smith

Tim Doll – Website

Dave Pini

Justen Patterson

Tim Schwierjohn

Ron Exler

Chuck Gast – DO


Presidents Report [Mike Null]

Early start for Jan BOD due to numerous items to discuss. Will break at noon for lunch.

Education Comm. report delayed until later in meeting.

Approval of Minutes Dec 14, 2016 Motion by Tim Schwierjohn Second by Rob Schaff

Treasurer’s Report [Jim Buford]

Current balance with US Bank is $35,434.73 with $8,025.05 outstanding on CC for Nov & Dec.

Actual balance 12/31/16 – $27,449.28


Education [Tim Schwierjohn / Justen Patterson]

2017 events all lined out except for June event. Comm. has reached out to Rob Ritchey, Tim Allen and Dave Priest.

Boone Valley gave date for Shop Tour 2017 – Dec 4, 2017 Monday

Discussed possibly moving Aug event to June and have bowling event in Aug.

Central Illinois wants to do a June event with MVGCSA. Possibly combine with SI as well.

Gateway PGA – Pro/Super event – July 11, 2017 at Norwood east Course. They want help with drinks purchase. Tim and Justen to further investigate how much they are asking.

Research [Rob Schaff / Rob Kick]

Green Cup set at Algonquin GC – Monday, October 16, 2017. Potential conflict with Mike Hartman’s event.?

Membership [Khris Rickman]

New applications,

  • Dave Rutz – EZ Locator (AFF)

  • Alex Hensley – Legends CC (C)

Khris suggested that MV wave membership dues for Paul Hurst due to his work on the Gateway Green. Further discussion suggested that Mike Carron should also be included in this dues waving. It was decided that Khris should contact Paul and Mike and explore their thoughts on the matter.

Membership Outreach [Jim Buford]

Mike Hartman had asked why there hasn’t been any notice about Keith Hassenfratz passing. BOD discussed posting on web, Gateway Green or at Annual Meeting. Mike Null pointed out that we have not posted things like this on any of MV info outlets. Discussed possible “moment of silence” at Annual Meeting for all that pass during current year. This was tabled for now to be reviewed at a later date.

Ethics/Bylaws [Tim Roethler]

Discussion that Don Humphrey will again be MVGCSA’s voting delegate for the upcoming GIS GCSAA annual elections. All BOD members are to review slate of candidates and contact Don [email protected] for directives on voting for the Chapter.

Tim Roethler recommended casting vote for Jeff White for Directors position on this year’s ballot for GCSAA Board.

Director of Operations [Chuck Gast]

Thank you extended to all BOD’s for gift card. Much appreciated.

Read thank you from Mitchell Null, 2016 scholarship recipient.

Reported (3) sponsors have paid for web ad – GreensPro, Syngenta and ATS. Waiting for EZ GO and new addition from Redox.

Hospitality night 2017 in Orlando – have $6,200 paid/pledged so far. This should cover our portion of expense. HAGCSA to cover other portion.

Reminded Committee chairs that members Arraya, Schieble and Cunningham have volunteered to serve on a committee.

Suggested MV compile teams for GIS golf event in Orlando. It was decided to form (3) 4-man teams to be entered into the team competition. MV to pay entry fees of $20 per man.

Passed out BOD Handbooks to each Board member. Reviewed entire handbook. Each Board member was asked to take time to personally review this document and make additions/deletions to enhance the content of this Board member guide of SOP. This handbook to be reviewed prior to the Annual meeting this coming November.

One specific discussed, relative to position responsibilities, was to include that the search for Hospitality sponsors fall under the duties of the Past President along with 2 other committee men.

Assistant Liaisons [Mike Smith / Kolby Armbruster]

Assistant’s education meeting is proposed for late Feb/early March. Mike and Kolby to determine exact date and format.

Assistant’s spring event will be held at OWCC April 24, (2) weeks after the MV season opener. Details are; 18 hole (4) person scramble for Assistant and Affiliate members ONLY! Speaker (TBD) to begin at 9:30 AM with shotgun start at 10:00 AM.

Associate Liaisons [Ron Exler / Dan Randant]

No report


Rob Kick explained and proposed new corporate sponsorship program. Detailed and lengthy discussion followed. Basically, program formed to allow Affiliate members a wide array of options for sponsorship opportunities. Provides a menu list of events, memberships and advertising options offered to Affiliates whereby payments for these options can be made annually, semi-annually or at the discretion of the sponsor. Total amount of expenditures within the MVGCSA will then be used to determine corporate level status for the following year. (i.e. corporate level status; Platinum, Gold and Silver, to be displayed on a banner for the 2017 season, has been established from amount of donations from each sponsor during the 2016 season.)

Khris Rickman made motion to accept corporate program as presented with second by Justen Patterson. Motion passed.

Tim Schwierjohn made motion to have corporate program ready for delivery to all Affiliate members by March 1, 2017 with second by Khris Rickman. Motion passed.

Committee may call for a meeting in Feb to finalize presentation format before sending out to Affiliates by March 1st.

Discussed updates to MVGCSA Scholarship program criteria. Motion was made by Rob Kick with second by Khris Rickman to accept revised version of scholarship guidelines and criteria. Motion defeated.

Discussion of the proposed scholarship program criteria with changes and amendments to this proposed program followed. It was decided to remove the stipulation of “no awards granted to same person in consecutive years” as well as specifying the University of Missouri as part of the review committee for Legacy Scholarships. A motion was made by Justen Patterson and seconded by Dave Pini to accept these amendments to the proposal. Motion passed.

A motion was then made by Rob Kick and seconded by Tim Roethler to accept the amended version of these proposed scholarship criteria changes. Motion passed.

The revised/amended scholarship program is now available for viewing under the scholarship banner on the MVGCSA website.

Briefly discussed the Chapter Assessment survey distributed by the GCSAA. All BOD’s encouraged to review this document and make further additions to better complete this for the GCSAA. Please submit additions to Chuck for compiling. Chuck to send to GCSAA when complete.


Discussed proposal for member vs. non-member fees at MVGCSA events for 2017. The Education/Event Committee will review and report at next BOD meeting in March.

Discussed MAGA proposal for a joint scholarship/internship program with the MVGCSA. Program called “Roger Null Internship”. Mike Null will get with Curt Rohe to discuss details of this proposal and report back at the March BOD meeting.

Jim Buford reported that Paul Fusco, guest attendee at the December BOD meeting, was very thankful to be included at this December meeting.

NEXT BOD MEETING – Wednesday, March 8, 2017 – Host Rob Kick

MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion by Justen Patterson Second by Rob Schaff