BMM – January 2018


Board of Directors Meeting 

Minutes – January 10, 2018

Rob Schaff, Khris Rickman ,Rob Kick

John Briggs, Dave Pini, Justen Patterson (A)

Chris Finnerty, Mike Smith,  Matt Czarnecki

Doug Harskamp (A), Adam Lewis, Ron Exler

Mike Null, Tim Doll – Website,  Chuck Gast – DO

Roethler/Buford – Hist, Carter DeMay – Ch Del

President’s Report   [Rob Schaff]

Rob expressed his thanks to all for committing to serve on the Board for 2018. Extended welcome to new Assistant Liaison Adam Lewis. Acknowledged presence of Tim Doll and Carter DeMay at this BOD meeting.

Updates on committee assignments…see attached.

Approval of Minutes from 12/06/17 Motion by: Approved by:

Rob KickKhris Rickman

Treasurer’s Report   [Rob Kick]  

Current balance reported at US Bank: $41,870.28 (outstanding $10K Mizzou + $1K Scholarship)
Therefore, starting the 2018 year with approx. $30,000 in the bank.
Kick stated, work ongoing establishing monthly budget figures for 2018.
Expecting $1,200.00 check from Gamma for tree work pledge.


Education  [Justen Patterson/Chris Finnerty]

Working on firming up actual dates for remainder of events scheduled for the 2018 season. Efforts will be made to avoid overlapping event dates with other local golf events. Especially events like the GM event scheduled for Sept 25th, 2018 at the Greenbriar Hills CC.

Research  [Rob Kick/Dave Pini]

Discussion held regarding Green Cup 2018 to be held Sept 17 at Forest Hills CC. Kick to get past Green Cup budget numbers to Dave Pini, Scott Reynolds and Kolby Armbruster (Forest Hills) for comparison.

Membership  [Khris Rickman/Matt Czarnecki] 

Working with MoGIC 2018 in relation to Shop Tour 2018. Diversity of speaker’s key issue. MoGIC committee desires to firm up speakers a little earlier this year. Question raised as to when we can expect check from proceeds of the 2017 MoGIC conference.

2 new members for approval:
Scott Simpson (A) – Benton County CC
Brian Braun (B) – Oak Hills GC/Jeff City Parks

Rickman stated need for a section of the website to include MV Historical Information along with possible front page picture changes throughout the 2018 season.

Membership Outreach  [John Briggs]

Briggs pointed out that Rob Ritchey’s father has passed away. Gast to send sympathy card.

JB recommended that we add a section on the website to welcome new members and update on a monthly basis.

It was decided that to clarify our Outreach objectives. MV will directly recognize MV members and their immediate family during sickness or death by sending flowers or donations. All others will be acknowledged by the sending of a sympathy card.

Ethics/Bylaws  [Mike Null]

No report

Director of Operations  [Chuck Gast]

Discussed BOD monthly meeting host assignments for 2018. A quiet, centrally located spot would ease scheduling and possibly create side benefits for the Association. To be discussed further.

To date; Syngenta, Keeven’s, GreensPro and Turfwerks have sign-up for platinum ASP for 2018.

MVGCSA apparel orders are now available on our website. Trying to work out equipment manufacturer cooperation with MV. Gast has checked with Mike Tucker/Callaway. Pini to check with Bridgestone.

GIS Hospitality 2018 all set. Sponsors to be verbally acknowledged night of the event. Signs as usual.

Curt Rohe with the MAGA has requested Board members of the MVGCSA to write articles for the MAGA newsletter in an effort to increase our exposure and show cooperation between both organizations. Rob Schaff will contact Curt to discuss further. As for now, Chris Finnerty has volunteered to write the first article due Feb 26th with Matt Czarnecki set for April 25th, Rob Schaff for May 28th and Carter DeMay for June 27th.  Future article deadline dates of July 27, August 29, October 29 and December 27 await to be assigned.

EZ Locator will host a meeting for February 21st to discuss their product. They will make contacts to MV members.

Board has decided that the (4) individuals that signed up but did not attend the Annual meeting will NOT be billed the $50 fee for this meeting.

Rob Schaff will contact Ryan Hanlen to discuss his desire to become more involved with the workings of the MVGCSA.

Board decided that the 2018 KIG campaign letter to member clubs will be distributed by email the 1st of June 2018. Gast to send request.

Notice of 2018 scholarship applications “now open” to be sent to all MVGCSA members now! Gast to send notice.

Discussed need to begin work on the GCSAA BMP program. Duane Sander from HAGCSA and Tim Burch from MVGCSA will be involved. This topic to be discussed at the next MVGCSA BOD meeting.

Assistant Liaisons  [Mike Smith/Adam Lewis]

Assistant Educational meeting Feb 19th at Fox Run. All set.

Assistant Spring golf event April 30th Crescent Farms. Max 48 players. $500 deposit due Mar 1st.

Affiliate Liaisons  [Ron Exler/Doug Harskamp]

No report


Khris Rickman all set to represent MVGCSA at the GCSAA GIS Annual Meeting as our voting delegate. Rickman made motion to cast all votes for candidate Jeff White and split votes for the Treasurer position. Finnerty second and motion passed.

The newly formed Roger Null Internship program will be featured in GCM. John Briggs, Tim Roethler and Dave Pini will be on the review and selection committee for this program.

Carter DeMay has officially been announced that he will become our new GCSAA Chapter Delegate, taking over this position previously held by Don Humphrey. His name will be added to the mail list for all Board correspondence.


Chris Finnerty requested new ideas for community involvement from the MVGCSA. Similar to past work with Great Circle.

NEXT BOD MEETING – March 14, 2018    Host Dave Pini

MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion by          Second by
Mike Null Dave Pini


January 10, 2018

MVGCSA Committees 2018: (*as per bylaws)

1. EDUCATION*– monthly meetings, Shop Tour/MoGIC

Co-Chairs: Justen Patterson & Chris Finnerty

2. RESEARCH* – University research projects, scholarships, KIG, Green Cup

Co-Chairs: Dave Pini & Matt Czarnecki

3. MEMBERSHIP* – MV membership, GCSAA relations, Web Site, Gateway Green

Co-Chairs: Khris Rickman & John Briggs

4. MEMBERSHIP OUTREACH* – acknowledge individual MV members needs in difficult times

Chairman: John Briggs

5. ETHICS & BY-LAWS* – maintain established Association protocol and review potential violations

Chairman: Mike Null

6. HISTORICAL – assemble past and current MVGCSA information and data

Co-Chairs: Jim Buford & Tim Roethler          Tim Burch

7. ROGER NULL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM – develop and establish criteria for this internship program

Chairman: Tim Roethler             John Briggs, Dave Pini

8. NOMINATING* – Secure and recommend viable candidates for open seats on BOD
Chairman: Mike Null        Tim Roethler, Chad Carpenter

9. AUDIT* – Review all monthly financial statements and year-end budget summary
Chairman: Rob Kick           Chris Finnerty, Ron Exler, John Briggs