BMM – January 2019


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – January 9, 2019



Rob Schaff                                         Khris Rickman                                               Rob Kick

John Briggs                                        Dave Pini                                           Justen Patterson (A)

Chris Finnerty (A)                             Nick Hittler                                       Matt Czarnecki

Doug Harskamp (A)                         Adam Lewis (A)                                Eric Parker (A)

Mike Null                                          Tim Doll – Website (A)                   Chuck Gast – DO

Roethler/Buford (A) – Hist             Carter DeMay – Ch Del                    Steve Wright – ET (A)


President’s Report   [Rob Schaff]

Rob announced Eric Parker will be the Affiliate Liaison for 2019-20.

Rob stated that all Board members should have completed the ASP phone calls that Rob Kick had assigned after the Dec Board meeting.


Approval of Minutes from                              Motion by:                              Seconded by:

December 12, 2018                           Dave Pini                               John Briggs


Treasurer’s Report   [Rob Kick] 

Current balance reported at US Bank:  $43,043.20 (Note: Not reflecting outstanding checks to Mizzou for $5K and Wee One for $1K)

Rob presented the proposed operating budget for 2019. Following discussion, Mike null motioned to approve the budget as presented and Matt Czarnecki seconded. Motion passed.

It was then stated that the Executive Committee may review Director of Operations future salary structure at their discretion.


Education  [Justen Patterson/Chris Finnerty]

Rob Schaff reported that he has been in contact with Top Golf regarding our upcoming August event. Rob discussed fee structures relative to timing and day of the week. Shooting for possibly August 15 from 6 – 9 PM. Rob to discuss with Justen and Chris and will report back at the March BOD meeting with details.

Research  [Dave Pini/Matt Czarnecki]

No report

Membership  [Khris Rickman/John Briggs]

No new members for January.

Khris gave a shout out to John Briggs for hosting a successful Shop Tour last month. Pointed out the SOP of gifting each host of a MVGCSA event a check for $100. This is to also include educational events such as the Shop Tour. JB was presented a check for $100.

Membership Outreach  [John Briggs]

No report, however it was pointed out that Neil Sellenriek has recently lost his 2ndleg due to health complications.

Ethics/Bylaws  [Mike Null]

No report

Director of Operations  [Chuck Gast]

Hospitality 2019 in San Diego is all set and slated for Feb 6thfrom 6-9 PM. MV must guarantee minimum of 55 for this event. Selected food items for the menu complete. No need for cardboard signs this year as venue has multiple monitors to display host sponsor logos. We will continue to focus our operations towardsgreen.

Rob Kick donated his points award check to Khris Rickman to assist with Khris’ expense at the GIS.

SI/MV Chapter Challenge in 2019 will be hosted by the SIGCSA. Date is May 20thand the venue will be Sunset Hills CC in Edwardsville.

Reviewed and finalized all 2019 MVGCSA committee chair appointments. Each committee chair encouraged to have separate meetings throughout the year where minutes should be taken and then reported back to the Board at the next regular BOD meeting.

Reviewed BOD host list for upcoming BOD meetings for 2019. Board members are encouraged to secure their venue asap to ensure that an isolated, quiet meeting location will be available for each Board meeting. All venues should be selected prior to the March BOD meeting.

Chuck reported that the recent Shop Tour 2018 had a total of 100 attend to include 24 guests. Income from ASP sponsors at $2,000 with $240 taken at the door as guest fees. Expenses totaled $1,180.67.

Assistant Liaisons  [Adam Lewis/Nick Hittler]

Norwood Hills has been selected for the Assistant’s Spring golf event for 2019.

Affiliate Liaisons  [Doug Harskamp/Eric Parker]

Nadine Harskamps’ mother has passed. MV will send a sympathy card.

HISTORICAL COMMITTEE  [Jim Buford/Tim Roethler]

Pushing for improvements towards MV involvement in Community programs for 2019-20.

Discussed recent acquisition of 50 – 60’s MVGCSA pics received from Pat Gray.

Tim relayed compliments from Affiliates in regards to our recent phone outreach to potential ASP donors.

Tim proposed organizing a BOD ONLY golf event at OWCC this spring.Some Monday in May preferably early in the month.


No report


Tim Roethler suggested joining forces with the Gateway PGA with their clinics involving young future golfers. Good for community outreach.Tim to report back later with additional information.


Mike Null to review fee structure for posting job search ads on the MV website. Will report back at a future BOD meeting.

NEXT BOD MEETING – March 13th      Host– John Briggs       Venue– TBD

MOTION TO ADJOURN          Motion by                                        Second by
Mike Null                              John Briggs