BMM – July 2014


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

July 1, 2014
Tapawingo National Golf Club

Tim Roethler

Mike Null

Rob Schaff

Greg Parkinson

Khris Rickman

Don Humphrey

Rich Carlson

Tim Schwierjohn

Rob Kick

Jim Buford

Ed Eschbacher


Brenda Morelock

Tim Doll

Dan Lloyd

Adam Lewis





Treasurer’s Report [Jim Buford]

Current balance reported: $31,122.20 (this includes $9464 being transferred from PayPal)

  • All Green Cup money was given to Jim to review and summarize. Will email him the hat/towel bill

Presidents Notes [Tim Roethler]

Passed around thank you notes for board to sign to send to OWCC Board of Directors and General Manager – Brenda will mail

Will look into Dicks Last Resort in San Antonio as site for 2015 Joint Hospitality at GIS (Mike, Ed and Rich will look into this). Want to have a location selected by the August meeting


Green Cup [Rob Schaff]

  • 2014 event will be held at Old Warson CC – JUNE 16 – Event was great!

  • Jim will provide a $$ summary at the August meeting



Keep it Green [Rob Kick]

  • July 25th – Trivia Night for KIG at St Ann Community Center
    $240 per 8 person table

  • Brenda can help on the 25th as needed. Tim would like Brenda to make up two booze baskets – Rich/Don will let her know if this is needed prior to the event

  • Brenda will send invoices for KIG donations to the following courses ($500 ea)
    – Old Warson
    – Norwood Hills
    – Boone Valley
    – Algonquin

Monthly Meeting [Tim Schwierjohn /Greg Parkinson]

Based on lower than anticipated attendance at events to far, there is approximately $250 extra money to use at events the rest of the year

Events Confirmed:

  • 8/15 – Cardinal Game/Putting Contest – Tapawingo

  • 9/8 – Winghaven

  • 10/20 – Crown Point – Annual Tournament

Website [Tim Doll / Khris Rickman]

  • Major sponsor logos are online

  • Will work on getting “printable invoices” online for each event

  • Current intermittent email issues are being looked into

Membership/GCSAA [Khris Rickman]

  • 3 new member approved
    Dan Laws – Cardinal Creek – Class A –PAID
    Nathan Lawrence – Greenbriar Hills – Class C –PAID
    Kevin Quirk – St Clair CC – Class C – PAID

Education [Rob Kick]

  • Education survey went out to members via email

  • Working on shop tour speakers

  • Will consider asking Jim Darlington to speak at the September event at Winghaven

Scholarship/Research [Mike Null]

  • Nothing new at this time

Gateway Green [Paul Hurst – Not Present]

  • Nothing new at this time

Assistant Liason [Adam Lewis / Dan Lloyd]

  • Not present

  • Tim would like for them to contact Glen and Jerry Keeven about doing an assistants education event at their sod farm


Ethics/Nominations [Don Humphrey]

  • Nothing New

Member Outreach [Jim Buford]

  • Nothing New

Associate Director [Rich Carlson/Ed Eschbacher]

  • Nothing New

Executive Director [Brenda Morelock]

  • Dues coming in both online and mail – will send reminder email


Jim has not received an invoice from Algonquin for the Assistants event yet. Rob has asked about it multiple times…


Jim will give Old Warson $300 for tips for the workers at the Green Cup– they can distribute as they see fit

Received an email from Mizzou regarding their field day. July 21st is an appreciation dinner (board members should try to attend). July 22nd is Field Day

Todd Bohn emailed about another joint hospitality event in 2015 in San Antonio. We will take charge of location again and try to have secured by August meeting.




August 7 –