BMM – June 2019


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – June 12, 2019


Rob Schaff                                         Khris Rickman                                   Rob Kick

John Briggs                                        Dave Pini                                           Justen Patterson (A)

Chris Finnerty (A)                             Nick Hittler                                        Matt Czarnecki (A)

Doug Harskamp                              Adam Lewis (A)                                Eric Parker

Mike Null (A)                                                Tim Doll – Website (A)                   Chuck Gast – DO

Roethler/Buford – Hist                   Carter DeMay – Ch Del                    Steve Wright – ET (A)


President’s Report   [Rob Schaff]

Rob stated that Tim Roethler has confirmed, the CC of St Albans will host the 2020 Green Cup celebrating the 75thAnniversary of the MVGCSA. The date is slated for mid-September to mid-October. Possibly encompass all 36 holes with a push for a large turnout.


Approval of Minutes from                              Motion by:                              Seconded by:

May 7, 2019                                        Rob Kick                                 Carter DeMay



Treasurer’s Report   [Rob Kick] 

Current balance reported at US Bank:  $62,182.08

Budget tracking well for 2019 and is comparable to 2018.

Approx half of the annual dues are in. Invoice to MAGA of $4K is due. Approx $3K in PayPal now.



Education  [Justen Patterson/Chris Finnerty]

Discussion of the upcoming Mizzou Field Day scheduled for the end of July. GreensPro/Paul Hurst looking to lease a bus for members to travel to Mizzou. Meet in Chesterfield Valley. May charge a per person fee for ride. GreensPro may ask MV for assistance in covering transportation costs. Board agreed to assist but will need to know cost first.

Reported that it was a very successful event for the Spring Classic at Bogey/Log. Thank you goes out to Chris Finnerty – host.

Research  [Dave Pini/Matt Czarnecki]

Dave discussed scholarship applications received for 2019-20. A total of (6) applications have been received by the May 31stdeadline date. All applicants this year have applied for a Legacy scholarship. All info is complete for all (6) applicants. Rob Kick made motion, seconded by Carter DeMay to award $1,000 each to the (6) applicants. Motion passed by a vote of 6-1.

Membership  [Khris Rickman/John Briggs]

(5) member applications submitted – Matt Bruns – Toro (AF); Larry Naggatz – Golf Club of Wentzville (C); Cody Freeman – Prime Source (AF); Tim McQuaid – The Legends (C); Ben Franklin – Van Deist (AF). All approved!

Membership Outreach  [John Briggs]

No report

Ethics/Bylaws  [Mike Null]

No report

Director of Operations  [Chuck Gast]

Discussed event log for the Spring Classic. Net profit from this event approx. $5,400.

Tee signs for all platinum ASP sponsors have been made and were present at the Spring Classic.

Discussed the recent changes to the GCSAA Affiliation agreement. Tabled for now and will be discussed further at the July meeting. Awaiting return call from GCSAA to set date for face to face discussions with an Exec from GCSAA about a few specific topics. Chuck to inquire with GCSAA.

Working with EZ Go to straighten out confusion with proposed remittance for sale of trucksters per our agreement. Approx $1,800 due to MVGCSA from sale of equipment during 2018.

Discussed upcoming event to be held at the Top Golf facility in Chesterfield August 15, 2019. Max participants will be 80. Chuck to check about use of member cards.Sign up to go out about mid-July.

Assistant Liaisons  [Adam Lewis/Nick Hittler]

No report

Affiliate Liaisons  [Doug Harskamp/Eric Parker]

No report

HISTORICAL COMMITTEE  [Jim Buford/Tim Roethler]

Jim Buford reported that work is continuing to gather as much info as possible about the history of the MVGCSA. Paul Hurst is helping to gather info from past Gateway Green publications. Work is underway for a publication to celebrate the 75thAnniversary of the MVGCSA in 2020.


No report


Each Board member is encouraged to try to sign-up (2) new members each year.

Discussed ongoing BMP activity. Carter DeMay is MV rep. Possibly get Mizzou undergrad to assist with this project. Carter to contact HAGCSA and Mizzou and report at July BOD meeting.

Discussed possible Mizzou research projects; i.e. Pythium, gray leaf spot, sedge/kylinga control.




NEXT BOD MEETING – July 10th              Host– Adam Lewis          Venue– J Greene’s


MOTION TO ADJOURN          Motion by                                        Second by
Carter DeMay                                              Rob Kick