BMM June 2020


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – June 9, 2020



Khris Rickman
Rob Kick
Chris Finnerty
John Briggs
Dave Pini
Jimmy Bucher
Corey Harvey
Jeff Stickford
Matt Czarnecki
Rich Carlson
Adam Lewis
Erik Parker
Rob Schaff
Tim Doll – Website
Chuck Gast – DO
Roethler / Buford  – Hist
Carter DeMay – Ch Del
James Arnold – ET


President’s Report   [Khris Rickman]

GG done electronically for first time – Spring/Summer 2020

Steve Randall—GCSAA still looking to provide updates for facilities: bunker rakes, 2 to a cart, cup setting procedures etc. Distancing and sanitation still on going. 5 different options for national show in Vegas. Different levels for participation.


Approval of Minutes from                              Motion by:                              Seconded by:

May 13, 2020                                      Chris Finnerty                                   Dave Pini


Treasurer’s Report   [Chris Finnerty] 

Current balance reported at US Bank:  $69,342.22

All things considered…on budget.



Education [John Briggs/Dave Pini/Jimmy Bucher]

MoGIC cancelled. Will discuss shop tour and fall events at later meeting.

MV Championship event to include a scramble format option.

Tim Allen, Joe Watcher and Dan Lloyd have agreed to host respective events (again) in 2021


Research [Rob Kick/Rich Carlson]

Approved! (4) scholarship recipients for the 2020-21 school calendar year. All Legacy@ $500 each to include Madison Brown, Elena Ritchey, Anne Morgan and Charles Galentine.


Membership [Adam Lewis/Carter DeMay]

1 New member, 2ndasst Tapawingo – Patrick Flanagan – Approved


Membership Outreach and Ethics & By-Laws [Schaff/Finnerty/Stickford/Carlson]

No report

“Posting” issues on website – Lamma to check it out


BMP’s [Matt Czarnecki/Carter DeMay]

No updates/no meetings, Rachel working through chapters. Still 3 weeks behind. Aug 1 rough draft scheduled to be complete. Board set to review when this is complete.

Email pics of almost anything – Carter DeMay to send request


Director of Operations [Chuck Gast]

Top Golf still tentative – set for August 14 Friday

119/210 dues paid. No complications with ASPs. $47k of 56k pledged has been received for ASP


Assistant Liaisons [Jeff Stickford/Corey Harvey]

No report, no meetings scheduled


Affiliate Liaisons [Eric Parker/Rich Carlson]

No report


HISTORICAL COMMITTEE [Jim Buford/Tim Roethler]

Send articles for 75thbook if you would like to contribute. SOP pictures also requested



No report



$20/MV member to MAGA for dues 2020. 50% now with balance due in July



Annual meeting?

Possible Christmas/Formal w/ wives?

BOD meeting in July? Sybergs?


NEXT BOD MEETING – July8, 2020    1:00 PM ?    

Yes – Syberg’s 1PM – if possible

MOTION TO ADJOURN          Motion by                Second by
John Briggs                Dave Pini