BMM – March 2015


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2015
The Tap House

Treasurer’s Report   [Jim Buford] 

Current balance reported:  $30,555.01

Presidents Notes [Tim Roethler]

Hospitality went well. Next year make it very clear what a $2000 donation gets vs lower amounts

Plan to rotate each year with the heart as to who will “run” the event and be in charge of setup at the event location, etc.

Chuck will open every monthly event this year and will thank event sponsors, introduce board members in attendance, new members, etc


Monthly Events [Tim Schwierjohn / Greg Parkinson]

April 27 – Opening event at Boone Valley.  Details as follows:
– 10am tee time
– $100 per person
– 64 person max field (25 spots filled by board members/Boone Valley/etc)
– Ron Exler sponsoring drinks
– Email to members ASAP – payment will reserve a spot and quickest/best way is to pay via website

May 11 – Joint meeting w So Illinois – Spencer T Olin

June 29 – Green Cup – Fox Run GC

July – KIG (??)

July 21 – MU Field Day

August TBD – Ballwin GC (tentative)

Sept 1 – Keeven Sod Farm Tour

Sept 23 – Castle Ridge GC (90% sure)

Oct 13 – Tapawingo closing event

Keep it Green  [Rob Kick]

Working with a lady to possibly take over the KIG fundraiser/trivia to assist in raising more money. She will get a portion of money raised.  Nothing confirmed yet.

Education  [Rob Kick]

Working on monthly event speakers

We received a check for approx. $1500 for our portion of proceeds from the MoGIC conference

GREEN Cup   [Rob Schaff]

Confirmed for 2015 to be at Fox Run GC.  June 29th confirmed as date

Wes Kleffner (and Jimmy Johnson) from Bayer will be sponsoring and cooking food

Need to confirm sponsors.  Email will be sent to associates with sponsorship options. Keevens have confirmed they will pay bar bill after per usual ($500)

Still need to get per person fee from Fox Run for the event so we can set our cost

Scholarship/Research   [Mike Null]

Mike has a list of projects underway for both Lee and Xi – now posted on the website

July 21 is MU Field Day

Need to think of a list of items that Lee could work on for us – top 5 items from the last survey were all Xi items

Website   [Tim Doll / Khris Rickman]

Payments made online via paypal will show us WHO made a payment and WHAT it was for – this is very important and we should try to get as many people to pay online as possible. 

Could also potentially enter payments received via mail (check) online so there is a consistent tracking. Has been completed!

Membership/GCSAA   [Khris Rickman]

4 new members:
– Greg Burdiek – St Albans CC – Class A (Pd)
– Dustin Catloon – Kimberland – Class B (COMP – Bootheel) – – Tim Kauffman – Jefferson City CC – Class A (Pd 3-16-15) – – Adan Distler – Jefferson City CC – Class C (Pd 3-16-15)

Lots of discussion on how to get members to pay dues in a more timely manner.  No decision was reached but plan to try to enforce the 90 day cut off in some way

Gateway Green   [Paul Hurst]

Not present- nothing new

Assistant Liason   [ Jimmy Bucher]

Last month had about 40 guys attend a meeting at Tapawingo.  Went well.

Assistants golf event is same day as opening day for Cards. Will move the golf event to Tues, April 14th, 12:30 shotgun.  Jimmy will send details to Chuck.  Either Jimmy or Dan will speak at the event. Sponsors?

Ethics  [Don Humphrey]

Not present

Member Outreach   [Jim Buford]

Arrangement sent to Brenda Morelock for loss of her husband Jon.

Keith Hasenfratz has been in the hospital

Associate Director   [Rich Carlson/Ed Eschbacher]

Ed indicated that he was fine with how the sponsor recognition was done at the hospitality event.

Executive Director   [Chuck Gast / Brenda Morelock]

Remaining roster books mailed

Chuck is now managing all emails.  If anyone needs to contact Brenda either let Chuck know or email to [email protected]

Some changes were made at the bank.  Chuck is now named on the account along with Jim and can sign checks, etc.  We also now have a credit card vs a debit card which will allow us to pay for periodic larger charges (hospitality, etc) Credit limit $6,200.

Chuck/Khris/Mike Carron are getting together to discuss all advertising options and value.  For now, fee to advertise on website is $800. 

Job postings on the website are free for our members or those who belong to other associations.  If not a member of any association fee will be $130 (cost of membership)

Jim Healy is responsible for the MAGA/MET newsletters – he gets $500 per newsletter – 8 per year.  They have 11,000 member circulation.

Working on a budget sheet that will be presented monthly.  Will send to the board for review in the next week or so.

Looking to create an event log sheet for every event we have that will help track expenses for every event.

Tim R and Chuck had lunch with the EZ-Go rep.  He has a program that will donate $50 to our association for each utility cart sold in our area.  We will send him an $800 invoice for an ad on the website where they can link to their website to promote this program to members.  That way WE aren’t promoting it, but they are.

Chuck will call Curt Rohe to find out what it will take to get a link to MVGCSA on the Metropolitan Golf Assoc front page of their website

Brenda thanked association for plant arrangement and to members who came to services for Jon.



Mike asked all board members to think of non members and invite them to play with their owner at a monthly event.  Also invite non members to shop tour.  This is to garner interest and help owners see the benefit of membership.

Need to reimburse Chuck for laptop purchase.

April Meeting – Schwierjohn

May Meeting – Rickman