BMM – March 2018


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – March 14, 2018 – Host Dave Pini – Syberg’s 270 & Dorsett


Rob SchaffKhris RickmanRob Kick
John BriggsDave PiniJusten Patterson
Chris FinnertyMike SmithMatt Czarnecki
Doug HarskampAdam Lewis (A)Ron Exler
Mike NullTim Doll – Website (A)Chuck Gast – DO
Roethler (A)/Buford – HistCarter DeMay – Ch Del

  President’s Report   [Rob Schaff]

Rob requested a sympathy card be sent from the BOD to Tom Brown as his father has passed.

Commented that discussion will follow in new business relative to possible reinstatement of joint Hospitality night with HAGCSA at annual GIS.

Approval of Minutes from 1/10/18 Motion by: Approved by:

Mike Null Justen Patterson

Treasurer’s Report   [Rob Kick]

Current balance reported at US Bank: $51,317.69

Monthly budget figures for 2018 are now in place.

Concern that ASP 2018 may be a bit lighter than this time last year. BOD encouraged to seek out their suppliers that they do business with to encourage participation in this year’s ASP.


Education  [Justen Patterson/Chris Finnerty]

April/May/June events lined out for the most part. Details on each to be wrapped up soon.

Chuck and Justen to contact Corey at Westwood to finalize details for the Season Opener April 23rd. Field limit? Start time? Fees?

Board approved Ryan Madden/Supremes offer to provide walking caddies at this year’s Opener at Westwood. 

Spring Classic at Quarry, Tuesday, June 12th with host Khris Rickman, will have format of 2-man team playing 6 holes best ball, 6 holes scramble and 6 holes alternate shot. 

It was reported that Tower Tee may be closing soon. Some discussion about possibly organizing a group to play there before they close.

Research  [Rob Kick/Dave Pini]

Green Cup discussion about food options. Dave Pini working with Scott Reynolds on menu for post golf food. Bayer to provide BBQ during event. Rob Kick sent ’16 and ’17 Green Cup menu options that were offered back then, to Scott and Dave. Drinks will be limited to within the $75 per person expense budget.

Chuck to show numbers of past MV events on spread sheet to assist with planning of future MV events.   

Membership  [Khris Rickman/Matt Czarnecki]

Rickman stated that we may see the MoGIC check somewhere around the end of March.

Discussed Shop Tour ’18 potential topics and speaker list. Topics include budget planning, business management, etc. John Daniels may talk about mower setup.

New members for approval:

Mike Muni (AF) – Perfect Play
Chris Sontheimer (C) – Creve Coeur
Justin Fogerty (B) – Raintree

Website discussion – chat room now open, improved login procedure, improved function of the payment process on line and added a search bar to ease navigating around the website.

Membership Outreach  [John Briggs]

JB re-emphasized need to send sympathy card to Tom Brown.

Ethics/Bylaws  [Mike Null]

No report

Director of Operations  [Chuck Gast]

Finalized MAGA monthly guest writer assignments from the MV BOD.

Feb 26 Chris Finnerty
Apr 25 Matt Czarnecki
May 28 Rob Schaff
June 27 Carter DeMay
July 27 Mike Smith
Aug 29 Paul Hurst
Oct 29 Justen Patterson
Dec 27 Rob Kick

Chuck to send this list to Curt Rohe at MAGA.

BOD signed thank you and sympathy cards for future mailings to members.

BOD’s encouraged to locate venue for their upcoming host BOD meeting and present at the April BOD meeting. 

To date have yet to receive any applicants for the Roger Null scholarship. Initiation of this project may have been a little late in the year. May possibly postpone til next year. More discussion to follow.

To date no applications have been received by MV for 2018 scholarships.

Discussed current ASP contributor list. BOD’s urged to contact suppliers that they utilize and encourage participation for 2018.

Discussed MV attendance point’s award criteria. Additional discussion on this topic will take place at the next BOD meeting. Mike Null, 2017 superintendent points award winner, could not attend GIS ’17 and also declined taking award money. He donated this back to MV.

Discussed GCSAA BMP direction with the committee from MV. Members of this committee include Matt Czarnecki, Carter DeMay and Chad Fetter. They will team up with members of the Heart chapter to satisfy GCSAA program request.   

Presented video from Dixon Golf about their desire for future involvement in MV events. BOD decided MV would not enlist their services at this time.

Annual meeting conflicts with Nov BOD meeting. A new date for the Nov BOD meeting will be set at a later time.

Ryan Madden with Supreme Turf has offered to provide walking caddies at this year’s Opener at Westwood CC April 23rd. Number of caddies will be limited, so request for caddies will be on a first come first served basis.

Jim Buford’s email has been changed to [email protected].

Chuck to send out request to MV members to let him know if they have 2 GHIN’s with the MAGA. One through their home club and one through MV. Curt at MAGA will assist with linking any two GHIN’s together.

Assistant Liaisons  [Mike Smith/Adam Lewis]

Assistant Educational meeting Feb 19th at Fox Run went well with 18 in attendance.

Assistant Spring golf event is set for April 30th at Crescent Farms. Max 48 players. $500 deposit has been submitted.

Affiliate Liaisons  [Ron Exler/Doug Harskamp]

No report


“How to” guide for updated MV website will be sent to all MV members soon.

Jeff White was elected to the GCSAA BOD.

Jim Buford stated that the Historical Committee had its first meeting recently. In attendance were; Jim Buford, Rob Mitchell, Dennis O’Brien, Pat Gray, Tom Nestor and Lee Redman.


Wes Kleffner/HAGCSA requested discussion about possibly reinstating joint Hospitality night at annual GIS. Wes may attend the May BOD meeting to discuss. General consensus of BOD is not to continue this joint Hospitality night. Rob Schaff to call Wes and Pres of HAGCSA.

Discussed possibility of Grey Eagle Distributing to participate in the ASP ’18. Rob Kick to contact.

NEXT BOD MEETING – April 11, 2018    Host: Mike Null     Venue: Mac’s Time Out – Alton, IL

MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion by          Second by 
Rob Kick Mike Null