BMM – March 2020


Board of Directors Meeting 

Minutes – March 11, 2020 

Khris Rickman (A)
Rob Kick
Chris Finnerty
John Briggs
Dave Pini
Jimmy Bucher
Corey Harvey
Jeff Stickford
Matt Czarnecki
Rich Carlson
Adam Lewis (A)
Erik Parker
Rob Schaff
Tim Doll – Website
Chuck Gast – DO
Roethler (A)Buford (A) – Hist
Carter DeMay – Ch Del
James Arnold – ET (A)

President’s Report   [Khris Rickman]

Called to order at 1:00 PM by Vice-Pres Rob Kick

Rob commented that Khris was not feeling well and decided not to attend.

Approval of Minutes from Motion by: Seconded by:

February 12, 2020                                 Chris Finnerty                           Dave Pini

Treasurer’s Report   [Chris Finnerty]  

Current balance reported at US Bank 2/29/20:  $45,890.24 plus remainder in old bank account of $879.88. All checks from this original account have been accounted for. Balance will soon be transferred to our current account at US Bank.  

Budget numbers are in line. A check in the amount of $2,000 has just been presented to MV from MoGIC 2019 conference. A check from MTI for their ASP has been received but yet to be deposited. The ASP banner of contributors will be completed prior to first MV event of 2020.   


Education [John Briggs/Dave Pini/Jimmy Bucher]

Events for 2020 are set. Now working on details and expenses. 

All events for 2020 now currently on hold and dependent on future Covid-19 situation. 

If we can get the Opener re-scheduled at Boone Valley, plans are for an 11 AM shotgun, (2) player 18 hole scramble. Entry of $100 per player. Floating target green after the match to generate funds for KIG. Wes Kleffner and Jimmy Johnson from Bayer are still on for BBQ for this event. 

Ron Exler from Turfwerks has volunteered to cook BBQ for the Chapter Challenge to be held at Glen Echo.

Chris Finnerty mentioned that a possible educational talk at an event could include the topic of cultivating your relationship with your golf pro and/or golf committee.  

Research [Rob Kick/Rich Carlson]

No committee meeting this month so no report. A potential Green Cup sponsor contact list is being formed and will be sent to BOD’s to assist with adding names to this list.

Membership [Adam Lewis/Carter DeMay] 

New members (3) to be considered for membership.

Brad Schenk (AF) – GreensPro
Steven Story (C) – Bellerive CC
Steven Franken (AP) – Fox Run GC

All (3) approved!

Membership Outreach and Ethics & By-Laws [Schaff/Finnerty/Stickford/Carlson]

No report

BMP’s [Matt Czarnecki/Carter DeMay]

Carter stated that all is on track at this time. A video conference is scheduled for March 12. A rough draft of this project should be completed by the end of April. All square to date with expenses. Side note…North Dakota has just become the 27th state to complete the BMP project. 

Director of Operations [Chuck Gast]

Reported that the annual general liability insurance mandated by GCSAA has been reduced from $550 past expense to $331 for 2020. 

Chuck to look into opening up a money market or certificate of deposit with excess funds of over $25K. Jeff Baxter to advise.  

Reported that there have been no applicants for the 2020 Roger Null internship. Chris Finnerty to contact Curt Rohe. Carter DeMay to contact Rutgers.  

Chuck to send reminder to all Affiliates of the ASP 2020 deadline March 31st.

Assistant Liaisons [Jeff Stickford/Corey Harvey]

Jeff reported that 31 attended the Assistant’s educational round table. Equipment Technicians were also in attendance. GreensPro graciously picked up part of the tab for this event. 

Spring golf event to include Assistant’s and Affiliates is scheduled for May 11th at Lake St. Louis with host Don Humphrey. Shotgun at 9 AM so as to be finished and off the property by 12:30 PM. (2) player scramble with entry fee of $22 per player. Carts questionable. Jeff to check with M&M Golf Cars to see if they will donate some carts. MV to supply drinks. No food at this event.

Affiliate Liaisons [Eric Parker/Rich Carlson]

No report

HISTORICAL COMMITTEE [Jim Buford/Tim Roethler]

Comm requesting guest articles to be added to book. Due date around May 1st. 

Comm requesting photo shoot at 10:00 AM for all past and present Supts March 25th. 


No report. James did attend the recent Assistant’s round table.


None reported


Chuck to contact Tim Doll to allow classified tab at top of homepage on website to take you directly to the current list of job openings.  

NEXT BOD MEETING – April 8, 2020    at Syberg’s Dorsett       

MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion by         Second by 
Carter DeMay                                     Rob Schaff