BMM – May 2014


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May, 2014
Fox and Hound

Tim Roethler

Mike Null

Rob Schaff

Rob Kick

Khris Rickman


Rich Carlson

Tim Schwierjohn

Ed Eschbacher

Jim Buford

Adam Lewis

Greg Parkinson

Brenda Morelock


Don Humphrey



Dan Lloyd


Treasurer’s Report [Jim Buford]

Current balance reported: $15,237.04

  • Financial Summary sent to GCSAA and to Jeff Baxter for tax preparation

Presidents Notes [Tim Roethler]

Owe Llama $491 for past 3 mo and extra work that has been done. Try to limit requests to him for changes to website. He should only be spending 10 hrs per month total.


Monthly Meeting [Tim Schwierjohn /Greg Parkinson]

Will create and provide a master list of events and sponsors. Brenda will send invoices to those associates that need one for donations.

Events Confirmed:

  • 5/19 – Joint Meeting w/ So Illinois – Gateway National
    Cost will be $55 per person.
    Bill Maynard will be speaker (10am), Golf at 11am

  • 6/16 – Green Cup – Old Warson CC

  • 8/15 – Cardinal Game/Putting Contest – Tapawingo

  • 9/8 – Winghaven

  • 10/20 – Crown Point – Annual Tournament

Green Cup [Rob Schaff]

  • 2014 event will be held at Old Warson CC – JUNE 16

  • Registration at 9am, Golf at 10am

  • 120 player max (will have 130 hats and 120 towels made)

  • Will try to get 3 major sponsors at $1000 ea
    Glen & Jerry Keeven interested in being a sponsor – Rob S will contact

  • Food will be provided by Bob Brandt and Brad Garrett

  • Bloody Mary bar in the morning – Cash bar

  • Agreed on price of $165 per person (cost will be approximately $74 per man)

  • Send mailer to all associates asking for donations and to contact Rob S if interested

Website [Tim Doll ]

  • Nothing

Membership/GCSAA [Khris Rickman]

  • 2 new members approved
    Paul Hoffman – Associate – Growth Products (NOT PAID)
    Bradley Thompson – Class C – Missouri Bluffs (PAID)

Keep it Green [Rob Kick]

  • July 25th – Trivia Night for KIG at St Ann Community Center
    $240 per 8 person table
    Will do physical mailer and followup with email to all members. Will get info to Brenda to send
    Paul H is contacting other associations for participation
    Will have raffle (Baskets) and 50/50.
    Will try to get beer donated/sponsored

Education [Rob Kick]

  • Dermatologist not available for the Assistants golf event. Will think of other ideas.

Scholarship/Research [Mike Null]

  • Bill Maynard will speak at May joint meeting to give GCSAA update

  • Would like to send out survey asking for speaker ideas for Green Conference (Dec 10th) and Shop Tour

  • May also redo survey for research ideas to include Lee Millers research/department as it was inadvertently left off the first survey

  • Shop Tour ideas
    Ty McClellan – TSGA
    VA Tech guy
    University of WI soil guy
    Steve Randall – GCSAA Field Staff

  • St. Louis CC can host shop tour, but not until January. Not sure if we want to hold off until January for this event as it has been working well in Dec.

  • Scholarship info for turfgrass students needs to be reworded to include current workers who attend night school

Gateway Green [Paul Hurst]

  • Next issue will be ready at the end of May

Assistant Liason [Adam Lewis / Dan Lloyd]

  • Golf event at Algonquin went well

  • Bellerive has denied a request to host an Assistants Shop Tour this year

Ethics/Nominations [Don Humphrey]

  • Nothing New (NOT PRESENT)

  • Need to followup at next meeting Don is present on issue at Old Hickory

Member Outreach [Jim Buford]

  • Nothing New

Associate Director [Rich Carlson]

  • Nothing New

Executive Director [Brenda Morelock]

  • Mailers within the next week will be for Dues / GHIN Renewal, May Joint event and GREEN Cup





In the future may want to reconsider the Opening/Closing event combination. It worked well in the beginning – seems to be losing steam/interest.



June 5 – Tim Schwierjohn