BMM – May 2015


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes from May 14, 2015 – J Greene’s – Rickman





Tim Roethler

Khris Rickman

Rob Schaff

Tim Schwierjohn

Rob Kick

Don Humphrey

Rich Carlson

Chuck Gast – DO

Jim Buford

Paul Hurst – GG

Tim Doll – Website

Absent: Greg Parkinson

Dan Lloyd, Jimmy Bucher

Mike Null, Ed Eschbacher




Approval of May Minutes [BOD]

  • Motion for approval – Schaff; second Kick. Approval – unanimous.

Treasurer’s Report   [Jim Buford/Chuck Gast]

Current balance reported: $39,417.07

  • Monthly summary income/expense sheet (work in progress) presented and explained.

Presidents Notes [Tim Roethler]

  • Thoughts and prayers to Jim Buford and family.
  • Suggests all “skins games” should be figured on gross scores ONLY. Board approved. With that, Board agreed to send Scott Werner prize money for deserved skin at Season Opener.
  • Request to improve participation from MVGCSA at the annual joint meeting with SIGCSA.
  • Season Opener for 2016 tentatively set with St. Louis CC. Greg P and Tim S to follow up with Tim Burch. Rob S to check with Rob Ritchey at Persimmon Woods about Green Cup 2016. Chuck to check with Tim Allen, John Soetaert and Dave Klinkhammer to see about them hosting an event in 2016. Intent to have 2016 schedule set before end of year.



Monthly Events [Tim Schwierjohn / Greg Parkinson]

  • Tim S discussed upcoming joint event with SIGCSA. Encouraged participation.
  • Next regular monthly event is the 9-hole event in August at the Ballwin GC. Price is set at $17 per player. 60 players max. Looking for food and drink sponsors.
  • May need to bring in additional golf carts for the Castle Ridge event in September.

Keep it Green [Rob Kick]

  • Rob and Paul had positive meeting with Amber B Pellock in discussion of formalizing KIG event planning. Established Although MVGCSA will be directly involved, discussed necessity that KIG be somewhat of a separate entity from MVGCSA to enhance outside donors and enhance MU focus. More to follow.

Education [Rob Kick]

  • Looking to encourage round table type discussions prior to monthly events. Need appropriate settings at venues.
  • Met with Dan Lloyd and Tim Burch regarding speakers at MOGIC and shop tour.
  • Survey to be sent to MVGCSA members requesting input for suitable topics of discussion at shop tour. Likely speaker to include Xi Xong, John Daniels, Chris Rapp and Lee Miller.

GREEN Cup   [Rob Schaff]

  • Event date June 29, 2015 at Fox Run. All set per minutes last month. Play rain or shine.
  • Sponsors to contact; Tim R – Syngenta, R Kick – Gamma. R Schaff – check out shirts with Nadine, R Kick to check out alternative source for commemorative golf shirts in future. Chuck to check with John Mabry about signed Cardinal shirt.

Scholarship/Research   [Mike Null]

  • No report

Website   [Tim Doll/Khris Rickman]

  • Continue to push website as the primary information source for all MVGCSA operations.

Membership/GCSAA   [Khris Rickman]

  • Two (2) new member apps for approval:

– Steven Swarringin – Orchards Golf Club – Class A (pd 5-7-15)

– Nicholas Scheible – Sunset Hills CC – Class A – (pd 2-10-15)


Gateway Green   [Paul Hurst]

  • Gateway Green summer 2015 issue in progress.

Assistant Liason   [Adam Lewis / Dan Lloyd / Jimmy Bucher]

  • Next Assistants meeting will likely be a Happy Hour/round table discussion in June.


Ethics [Don Humphrey]

  • No report

Member Outreach   [Jim Buford]

  • Thank you from Brenda Morelock. Agreed to invite Brenda to the annual meeting in November.

Associate Director   [Rich Carlson/Ed Eschbacher]

  • No report

Director of Operations   [Chuck Gast]

  • Settled with HAGCSA relative to Hospitality night. Will produce written agreement for Hospitality 2016.
  • A J Hephner/FMC and John Haguewood/Macro-sorb will get involved with Green Cup 2015.
  • Send letter to Associates reminding about vendor list on website.
  • Discussed Equipment Managers position with GCSAA and MVGCSA. Further discussion needed. Chris Rapp, EM at BCC, to present at the August monthly meeting.
  • Received thank you from Jim Buford and family.
  • Discussed altering monthly BOD meeting dates.


  • Motion made by Khris Rickman, second by Don Humphrey to continue MVGCSA pledge of $5 per member to be donated to the Wee One Foundation on an annual basis.



  • Decision made to approach HAGCSA for reciprocal agreement to attend respective annual fund raisers to learn more and exchange ideas from each operation.
  • Chuck G, Rich C and Don H to review current bylaws, update and present necessary changes to BOD for submittal at the Annual meeting in November for member approval.



Next BOD Meeting – Rob Kick