BMM – May 2018


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – May 9, 2018 – Hosts Ron Exler/Doug Harskamp – Syberg’s Dorsett



Rob Schaff                             Khris Rickman                      Rob Kick

John Briggs (A)                    Dave Pini                                Justen Patterson

Chris Finnerty                       Mike Smith                            Matt Czarnecki (A)

Doug Harskamp                   Adam Lewis                          Ron Exler

Mike Null                               Tim Doll – Website (A)       Chuck Gast – DO

Roethler/Buford – Hist                                                        Carter DeMay – Ch Del (A)


  • Action items in red!

President’s Report   [Rob Schaff]

Rob introduced guests Wes Kleffner and Mark Newton from HAGCSA. Discussion of relations between Chapters, Mo Cup and possible joint Board meeting and golf outing in Columbia.

Mo Cup will be held Oct 1 & 2 in 2018. Location Lodge of the Four Seasons. Possible 3-man team scramble with groups of 6 – 3 MV and 3 HA. Event held to assist with networking between Chapters.

MV may try to attend an HA Board meeting in the future.


Approval of Minutes from      4/11/18           Motion by:                              Second by:

                                                                        Mike Null                              Rob Kick

Treasurer’s Report   [Rob Kick] 

Current balance reported at US Bank: $49,696.58

Expenses exceeded income due to Gateway Green reimbursement.

PayPal charges 3.5%

Westwood event fared well financially with a $7,500 profit. Will assist in offsetting future events.

Budget 2018 tracking well so far.


Education  [Justen Patterson/Chris Finnerty]

Education at MV/SI event at The Legends from GCSAA. Decided to change format of this event to best ball only, gross and net. Reg at 9:30 with shotgun at 11:00.

Research  [Rob Kick/Dave Pini]

Dave stated a few events are already penciled in for the 2019 season. Possible Green Cup ’19 at Meadowbrook CC. Dave to discuss with Mike Carron, Supt.

Discussed increasing minor sponsors at the upcoming Green Cup ’18to get other Affiliates involved. Also discussed tee gift for each participant. Drink glasses are out. Looking at towels, shirts, belts, etc. for 2018.

Membership  [Khris Rickman/Matt Czarnecki]

New members:

Randy Beussink (AF) – Nufarm
Steve Leubbers (C) – Bogey Hills
Bhushan Mandava (AF) – Repar Corp.

Website update to increase bandwidth to prevent shutting down of website as we have experienced recently. Tim Doll has completed this task. Increase expense of $5 per month.

Membership Outreach  [John Briggs]

No report

Ethics/Bylaws  [Mike Null]

No report

Director of Operations  [Chuck Gast]

Dues for 2018-19 will be going out later this week.

Equip Tech meeting upcoming at Norwood Hills. Rob Kick motioned with second by Khris Rickman for an Equip Tech Liaison to be appointed to the Boardto provide input from this new classification of MVGCSA member. Motion passed. Exact time to fill this position to be determined at a later date. An ET Comm report will be added to the Board agenda.

Discussion about guest registration policy prior to MV events. Policy now in place for guest’s to pay 1.5 times member registration fee for a particular event. Further discussion to restrict guest sign-ups to no earlier than 1 week prior to the scheduled event date. Decided to table for now and discuss at a later date. In regards to upcoming Green Cup 2018, this event will be a first come first servedsignup, to include guests as well as members.

Assistant Liaisons  [Mike Smith/Adam Lewis]

Assistant Spring golf event experienced net loss of $47.

Affiliate Liaisons  [Ron Exler/Doug Harskamp]

No report


Rob Kick reported that Xi Xiong will continue her research on sedge control utilizing MVGCSA funds. GCSAA has denied matching funds.

An informal golf outing has been scheduled by Jim Buford at Tower Tee on June 27 with an approx. tee time of 3:00 PM. Entry fee for this event will be $20. Chuck to organize sign-up sheet on-line but payment will be onsite only.


Historical committee reported that they are working on lists of past Presidents, donations, scholarships awarded, etc. Mike Null motioned with second by Khris Rickman to add an Historical Comm report to the monthly Board agenda. Motioned passed.

Rob Kick suggested changing format of the Season Opener away from playing your own ball.Chuck to determine the average handicap of MVGCSA members. Event committee will consider changing format for the 2019 opener.


NEXT BOD MEETING – June 13, 2018    Host: Khris Rickman
Venue: J Greene’s


MOTION TO ADJOURN          Motion by                                        Second by
Mike Null                                            Rob Kick