BMM – May 2021


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – May 12, 2021

Khris Rickman                                   Rob Kick                                             Chris Finnerty (A)

John Briggs                                        Dave Pini                                           Jimmy Bucher            (A)

Austin Allen                                     Jeff Stickford (A)                               Carter DeMay

Rich Carlson                                     Adam Lewis                                     Eric Bickel

Rob Schaff                                         Tim Doll – Website (A)                   Chuck Gast – DO

Roethler – Hist                                 Curt Rohe




President’s Report [Khris Rickman]

Khris announced that the Spring Classic went well and thanked everyone that helped out with the event.


Approval of Minutes from      4/14/21                       Motion by:                              Seconded by:

Rob Kick                                 John Briggs


Treasurer’s Report   [Chris Finnerty]

Current balance reported at US Bank: $88,913.49

Annual ASP donations are on track however down a bit from 2019 by about $6-8 K



Education [John Briggs/Dave Pini/Jimmy Bucher]

Thanks to all that helped with the first 2 events. Opener at Winghaven was well attended.

The Spring Classic was well received with the blind draw scramble format. Rumored that this may become an annual event format for the Spring Classic as pace of play was good as well. Westborough did an outstanding job with the buffet after play. Steve Randall from GCSAA was in attendance at the beginning of the event. Commented that the blind draw format was a good idea.

There were a few no-shows that did pay and a few that didn’t pay. Discussion followed and it was agreed that if someone does not show after they have paid and has not let us know prior to start time of the event, MV will keep their entry fee. There was some discussion on whether or not to charge players that sign up and then don’t show the day of the event as we often times have to guarantee a minimum number of green fees to the host club. Since it has been somewhat of a non-issue so far, this topic was tabled for now. In the future however, when invites are sent to members about an upcoming event, all participants will be urged to pay in advance so MV will not be financially responsible for no-shows. In the future there may be an increase in the entry fee on site if you haven’t pre-paid for an event. Certainly eliminates confusion at the registration table if players pre-pay!

Assistant’s 2-player scramble event at Lake St. Louis GC is all set. There will be a $40 entry fee to include prizes, drinks and lunch. A 9:30 AM shotgun start has been set to ensure we are off the course by 1:00 PM. This Assistant’s event is open to Ass’t Supts and Affiliate members only. The Board has agreed to fund a max of $400 for drinks that will be served from the Lake St. Louis golf shop.

Future MV events include the Chapter Challenge June 21 at St. Clair CC, Co-ed golf at Topgolf Aug 13, MV Champ at St. Peters GC Sept 13 and the 75th Anniversary celebration Green Cup October 25th at CC of St. Albans.

Research [Rob Kick/Rich Carlson]

Rob reported there will be a special meeting/walk thru with the PGA Outreach ladies (Ali Wells and Sue Rector) sometime the 2nd week in June to tour prospective community project site near the Carter Carburetor location. Rob offered for anyone to attend to offer ideas during the onset of this project that MV will hopefully be a part of. Rob stated that there is good chance that these influential ladies may be able to assist us in our efforts to gain the involvement of celebrities at our upcoming Green Cup celebration at St. Albans.

Membership [Adam Lewis/Carter DeMay]

New members (10) approved

Drew Keeven AF – Keeven Bros Sod
Ben Norby C – CC of St Albans
Chris Canby AF – Midwest Turf Cont
Tyler Tucker AF – Midwest Turf Cont
Chris Black C – Westborough CC
David Guinn C – Berry Hill GC
Kevin Doyle B – Oakbrook GC
Kyle Sheppard B – Sun Valley GC
Wayne Viers AP – Algonquin GC
Jared Hoyle AF – Corteva Agriscience

Membership Outreach and Ethics & By-Laws [Schaff/Finnerty/Stickford/Carlson]

No Report

Director of Operations [Chuck Gast]

MV 2021 dues invoice with check box for pre-purchase of 75th book will be sent to all members later this week. Lamma has set up dues payment through website to allow purchase of book separately if so desired.

Discussion surrounding comp entry fees for host clubs. It was agreed that continuing the one team per host club be granted i.e. 2 player team event – 2 player entry free, 4 player team event – 4 player entry free.

Payment of annual MV member MAGA handicap fees were discussed with Curt Rohe, Exec. Dir. of MAGA in attendance. It has become apparent that well over 50% of MV members do not record scores through this MAGA handicap system. With MV paying $22 per year per member, it was decided at this time with annual handicap fees for 2021 now due, to only pay MAGA for the MV members that are currently using their system. This will result in savings to MV of $2,706 for 2021. Should any member not currently active on the MV/MAGA roster want to begin posting scores, their name will be immediately added to the MV club roster with the MAGA.

Assistant Liaisons [Jeff Stickford/Austin Allen]

Reported earlier in education section…

Affiliate Liaisons [Rich Carlson/Eric Bickel]

Affiliates report that is great to be back on the course interacting with MV members!

HISTORICAL COMMITTEE [Jim Buford/Tim Roethler]

No report

EQUIPMENT TECH LIAISON [               ]

Eric Bickel reported that there may be some sort of ET meeting in July. More info to follow…

Cole Delgman ET at BCC may be good candidate to lead the ET program with MV.


Curt Rohe discussed the Normandie Golf Course renovation that may start sometime this fall. Property to be purchased from UMSL. Chris Cockran from ISU design with the assistance from the Nicklaus group. Nicklaus waving his $3M design fee. Anticipated $1.5M to buy property with $10-12M slated for the project. Walters Group will be running operations. There is some apprehension from the Board to be involved with this project.


Discussion about a recent email from the USGA/GCSAA involving possible placement of Superintendents in high profile jobs by the USGA. Concern from Board that USGA should not be involved in this job placement endeavor.

John Daniels, former Central Region USGA rep has been transferred to the NE region. Paul Jacobs has been assigned to the Central Region with the USGA Green Section.


NEXT BOD MEETING – July 14, 2021 at Syberg’s Westport


MOTION TO ADJOURN          Motion by                Second by
Carter DeMay                       Rob Schaff