BMM – November 2015


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – November 4, 2015 – Llywelyn’s – Don Humphrey



Tim Roethler

Mike Null (A)

Ed Eschbacher

Greg Parkinson

Khris Rickman

Rob Schaff

Tim Schwierjohn

Rob Kick

Don Humphrey

Rich Carlson

Jimmy Bucher (A)

Jim Buford

Dan Lloyd

Paul Hurst – GG

Tim Doll – Website (A)

Chuck Gast – DO




November minutes approved – Motion Rob Kick – 2nd Rob Schaff – Motion passed

Treasurer’s Report   [Jim Buford]

Current balance reported: $46,392.00

MVGCSA has already paid for half of the Hospitality night in San Diego as a deposit. $4,156.42

Presidents Notes [Tim Roethler]

Reviewed agenda for Annual meeting next month. Efforts to minimize talks to shorten meeting duration.

Need to work with Todd Bohn of HAGCSA to increase participation at MO Cup. Cost and scheduling are key topics.


Monthly Events [Tim Schwierjohn / Greg Parkinson]

Beginning work on future event sponsorships. Need to coordinate Corporate sponsorship packages tailored to what they want. Need to survey Associate members as to their ideas.

Summary of top (5) 2015 point getters to be sent to all BOD’s prior to Annual.

Bogey Log Cabin has expressed desire to host an event in 2015.

Looking forward to 2016 season, may offer tee tents to Associates for increased face time with membership at events. Heart has charged $500 for similar tents at their events

Keep it Green [Rob Kick]

KIG event will be scheduled every other year with 2016 the year for this event. Rob Kick and Paul Hurst to review and provide event options.

Don Humphrey discussed GCSAA Rounds for Research. Some private clubs selling 4-somes for this program. 80/20 split between local and National.

Education [Rob Kick]

Shop Tour 2015 all set for Dec 14th. GCSAA education credits for this event set at 0.5. This event open to all, members and non-members. Top 8 topics for this event and MoGIC were influenced from recent survey to membership. Different speaker line-ups for each event.

MV will promote MoGIC on website. Dan Lloyd to serve on MoGIC BOD.

Green Cup   [Rob Schaff]

Green Cup 2016 will be played at Greenbriar CC. Date June 13, 2016.

Scholarship/Research   [Mike Null]

No report.

Website   [Tim Doll/Khris Rickman]

Website “tweaks” still continuing. Looking at incorporating “Mandril” into web system for ease of operation for DO and members.

Printed directory has been tabled pending this Mandril operation.

Membership/GCSAA   [Khris Rickman]

Request for list of current member amounts by category to be presented at Annual.

Assistant Liaison   [Dan Lloyd / Jimmy Bucher]

Well attended event at Forest Hills for Assistant’s (22). Looking at holding an Assistant’s event at St. Alban’s in 2016.

Kolby Armbruster to replace Dan Lloyd for Assistant Liaison in 2016-17. Motion by Rickman second by Schwierjohn. Motion passed.

Dan Randant to replace Rich Carlson for Associate Liaison in 2016-17. Motion by Schwierjohn second by Humphrey. Motion passed.

Gateway Green   [Paul Hurst]

$3,600 / issue. With $1,500 to the good for 2015 GG shows current balance of $8,000.

Ethics/Bylaws [Don Humphrey]

Humphrey attended Delegates Conf. in KC. GCSAA changing Supt status from Class A and SM to Class A and B.

GCSAA has no dues for Equip Mgrs in 2015. Looking to attain 3000 members within 3 years.

Member Outreach   [Jim Buford]

No report

Associate Director   [Rich Carlson/Ed Eschbacher]

No report

Director of Operations   [Chuck Gast]

Current membership at 190. Website hits to date at 27,000. Board agreed to send usual $100 stipend to Parkinson for hosting MV Championship even though Parkinson requested not.

Bill Maynard has requested MV donate $500 to Gateway Golf Summit. Board declined request at this time.


Need to begin seeking sponsors for the Hospitality night in San Diego.


Motion by Buford to extend Honorary membership to Keith Hassenfratz. Second by Humphrey. Motion passed.

Reviewed Annual meeting agenda. All set.

MOTION TO ADJOURN – Motion made by Rob Kick, 2nd by Jim Buford – Passed

Next Meeting – Dec 10th, 2016. Location TBD