BMM – November 2017

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – November 1, 2017– Circa StL – Khris Rickman Host

Mike Null

Rob Schaff (A)

Jim Buford

Kolby Armbruster

Dan Randant

Tim Roethler

Khris Rickman

Rob Kick

Mike Smith

Tim Doll – Website

Dave Pini (A)

Justen Patterson

Ron Exler

Chuck Gast – DO

Curt Rohe – Guest


Presidents Report [Mike Null]

No report

Approval of Minutes from Oct 11, 2017 Motion by Rob Kick Second by Justen Patterson

Treasurer’s Report [Jim Buford]

Current balance with US Bank is $70,830.22 (several invoices outstanding i.e. GC, Champ, Scholarships, etc.)


Education [Justen Patterson/ Dave Pini]

StL CC unfortunately must bow out of hosting the Season Opener in 2018. Talking with Westwood to hopefully host this event. Norwood Hills also a possibility.

Received approval for 0.6 CEU’s from GCSAA for the upcoming Shop Tour ’17 at Boone Valley.

Chuck to design and print program for ST 17.

Research [Rob Schaff / Rob Kick]

Research checks to Mizzou will be presented at the ST ’17 Dec 4th. Board approved $5,000 to Xi Xiong and $5,000 to Lee Miller.

Scholarship checks (6) totaling $5,500 will be presented at the Annual Meeting Nov 8th 2017.

Rob Kick encouraged Green Cup host clubs to retain and pass along pertinent GC info (i.e. club fees, menus, etc.) to future GC host clubs. This past info has proved helpful in maintaining consistency in quality and pricing for this event. A total of 23 comps were given at GC 17. Affiliate sponsors (15), SI (3), Baxter (2), AGC (3).

Membership [Khris Rickman]

New member – Blake Anderson (AF) – Gateway Turf Support

Tim Doll ready to upgrade website. Will initiate right after ST ’17. Tim to contact Nadine about link to MV apparel ordering when ready for entry onto the website.

Khris requested the need to categorize all past information related to scholarships and research dollars donated by the MVGCSA. Historical Committee needed!

Membership Outreach [Jim Buford]

Jim reported that Mark Moriarty is now recovering well.

Reported Rob Ritchey is doing well and does not need food delivery to his home at this time.

Ethics/Bylaws [Tim Roethler]

No report

Director of Operations [Chuck Gast]

Reviewed financial statement from October.

Reviewed MVGCSA Green Cup summary sheet at Algonquin GC.

Board discussed covering expenses for John Daniels, USGA, for his travel to ST ’17. Approx $500. Motioned by Tim Roethler and second by Rob Kick. Motion passed. Chuck to contact or write USGA to express MV disappointment with their inability to cover Daniels expense.

GIS Hospitality 2018 in San Antonio is all set at the Iron Cactus for Feb 7. Menu selections must be made at least 7 days in advance of this event.

Board gave approval to send Jim Healy members list (A, B & C members) for his use in a future publication.

Discussed upcoming Annual Meeting. Will have designated name tags for all candidates up for election. Discussed possibly moving the 2018 Annual Meeting up an hour. Reviewed agenda for this upcoming 2017 meeting.

All scholarship checks have been mailed to registrars at respective colleges/university’s.

Reviewed possible 2018 wall calendar thanking ASP platinum level sponsors from 2017. Chuck to modify and bring revised edition to Dec BOD meeting.

Discussed modifications to the ASP 2018 program offer to be sent later this fall prior to the 2018 season. Chuck to present modified 2018 ASP offer at Dec BOD meeting for final approval.

Discussed need to secure location of monthly BOD meetings well in advance. Suggested host(s) have venue selected at the January BOD meeting for entry on schedule.

Assistant Liaison’s [Mike Smith / Kolby Armbruster]

Waiting to hear from Meadowbrook to firm up date of the Assistants 2018 Spring golf event. OWCC has offered as a backup just in case.

Kolby expressed his gratitude for allowing to serve as the Assistant Liaison for the past 2 years.

Affiliate Liaison’s [Ron Exler / Dan Randant]

No report


John Briggs has been appointed to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Tim Schwierjohn.

Discussed need to fill in the blanks for dates and venue location for the ASP form to be sent soon to all Affiliate members.

Kolby Armbruster has expressed desire to take over MVGCSA Chapter Delegate responsibilities with the resignation of Don Humphrey from that position. Kolby to talk with Don.

Curt Rohe reviewed the Roger Null Internship program that has been previously discussed. Details continue to be worked on with goal of ready for presentation, by Curt, at the Annual GIS and press release Feb 2018. Funding for this internship is being covered through MAGA & private donations. Requested MVGCSA donate $2,500 to assist with program. Motion made by Tim Roethler with second by Jim Buford. Motion passed. Discussed possibility of a future fund raising event for this internship program.


Mike Null has appointed an Historical Committee. Tim Roethler and Jim Buford, Committee Co-Chairs, to begin preliminary work on gathering historical info of the MVGCSA for possible publication.

NEXT BOD MEETING – Wednesday, December 6, 2017 – Host Jim Buford

MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion by Rob Kick Second by Justen Patterson