BMM – November 2018


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – Nov 7, 2018



Rob SchaffKhris RickmanRob Kick
John BriggsDave PiniJusten Patterson
Chris FinnertyMike SmithMatt Czarnecki
 Doug HarskampAdam LewisRon Exler
Mike Null(A)Tim Doll – Website (A)Chuck Gast – DO
Roethler/Buford(A) – HistCarter DeMay – Ch DelSteve Wright – ET (A)






President’s Report   [Rob Schaff]

Rob opened the meeting thanking the staff at Probstein and welcomed the Board and members of MVGCSA to the 2018 Annual Meeting.

Rob introduced and welcomed the slate of new members (23) for 2018. Followed by thanking all MVGCSA Affiliate sponsors who participated and contributed in 2018.

There was a moment of silence for any and all MVGCSA family members lost in 2018 with a special mention of Mr. Dave Shields of Supreme Turf.

Rob briefly discussed the financial state of the MVGCSA and also encouraged any member to review the books of MVGCSA at any time they so desire.

Rob gave a special thanks to all MVGCSA members who hosted an event during the 2018 calendar year. As well as a thank you to Mizzou (i.e. Xi Xiong and Lee Miller) for their research work over the past year. A thank you was also given to Paul Hurst and Mike Carron for their tireless work with the very successful Gateway Green publication.

Rob passed the mic to Tim Burch who gave a brief review of the upcoming MoGIC and Shop Tour educational line up scheduled for December.


Following Tim Burch’s announcements, Chuck Gast announced the vote for Board members for 2019 would commence. Ballots were given to each voting member at the registration table when they entered. It was established that a quorum was present. The voting process was reviewed. Candidates on the ballot were briefly discussed. Ballots were filled out and collected by the vote counting delegate of Tim Roethler, Steve Herman, Jim Buford & Dan Lloyd for tabulation.

GCSAA Chapter Liaison Report [Carter DeMay]

Carter expressed his and the chapters sincere thanks to Don Humphrey for his numerous years of service as the past GCSAA Chapter Liaison for the MVGCSA.

Carter stated that the Chapter Liaison meeting in Lawrence, KS for 2018 is scheduled for November 13th of which he will attend representing MVGCSA.

Carter relayed info he received lately from the GCSAA stating that the goal of the National is to have all states complete their BMP’s by the year 2020. Missouri is currently working on completing this task.

Carter also discussed the GCSAA candidates on the ballot for elections at the GIS in February in San Diego. He also reviewed the goal of GCSAA to have 20,000 members by the year 2020.

Treasurer’s Report   [Rob Kick] 

Rob opened discussing the budget for 2018 that has an annual income approaching $119,000 with operating expenses of nearly $116,000. Current reserve in US Bank is approximately $50,000. Maintaining that reserve in the future is the goal of the financial committee.

Annual membership stands at 224 which generated income from dues of approx. $37,500.

Rob emphasized the point that any MVGCSA member may review the financials at any time.

Rob thanked the staff at Probstein for tonight’s banquet; host Chad Carpenter & wait staff Gloria and Hershel.

Rob also thanked the 45 Affiliates, of which many participated in the ASP 2018 campaign, for their support of the MVGCSA. Rob also thanked Chuck Gast for his work as the Director of Operations.

Historical Committee Report   [Tim Roethler/Jim Buford]

Tim Roethler discussed the work underway to gather all historical data of the MVGCSA since its inception in 1945 in preparation for our 75th Anniversary in 2020.

Jim pointed out that Frank Busanti officially filed papers for the MVGCSA around 1964 with chapter officers listed.

Tim reviewed the long list of benefits offered to all members of the MVGCSA that more than offsets the cost of the annual dues. This annual banquet, offered at no charge, being just one of them.

Tim also pointed out that while the Membership Outreach program has served our members well in times of need, we have been falling a bit short in our community service endeavors outside of our chapter. He is vowing to keep this worthwhile MVGCSA charitable ideal more in the forefront of our operations with future community programs in mind.


Awards Ceremony [Dave Pini/Matt Czarnecki/Rob Schaff/Khris Rickman]

MVGCSA Golf Champions for 2018:

Kolby Armbruster – low gross
Don Humphrey – low net

Green Cup Champions for 2018:

Kyle Kingsbury
Mike Daugherty
Tony Arro

Attendance Award winners for 2018:

Adam Lewis – Assistant Superintendent
Rob Kick – Superintendent

Board of Directors Service Awards:

Matt Czarnecki
Chris Finnerty
John Briggs
Carter DeMay
Mike Smith
Ron Exler

2018 Scholarship Awards:

Austin Allen – Turf
Mathew Ridings – Turf
Madison Brown – Legacy
Adam Kane – Legacy


Gateway Green Report [Paul Hurst]

Paul discussed the current operations of the Gateway Green with the 3 publications distributed to over 250 addresses per year. He expressly thanked the 20+ advertisers who make this publication possible. Paul pointed out that even though the cost per publication is approx.. $4,400, positive feedback justifies and emphasizes the niche this timely, local publication fulfills. Paul gave a huge thanks to Mr. Larry Torno who oversees the printing of the Gateway Green publications.

Paul gave a shout out to the staff at Bellerive CC for their successful efforts in completing a successful 100th PGA Championship right here in our home town.

Paul also commented on the available information and benefits of the annual Mizzou Turf Field Day that is set for July 23rd of 2019. He stated that he may be organizing a bus trip to Mizzou this year for anyone interested in attending.

Voting Results [Tim Roethler/Jim Buford]

Elected to the MVGCSA Board of Directors for a (2) year term starting in 2019:

Chris Finnerty
Matt Czarnecki
John Briggs


NEXT ANNUAL MEETING – November 13, 2019               Venue – Probstein Golf Complex


MOTION TO ADJOURN          Motion by                                       Second by
Justen Patterson                               Matt Czarnecki