BMM – November 2021


Annual Meeting

Minutes – November 10, 2021


Khris Rickman                                     Rob Kick                                              Chris Finnerty

John Briggs                                          Dave Pini (A)                                       Jimmy Bucher

Austin Allen                                         Jeff Stickford                                       Carter DeMay

Rich Carlson                                        Adam Lewis                                         Eric Bickel

Rob Schaff                                           Tim Doll – Website (A)                        Chuck Gast – DO

Roethler/Buford – Hist                        Members in attendance (63) attached

President’s Report [Khris Rickman]

Financial health of the MVGCSA is good. Chris Finnerty to discuss further in his report

Introduced Board of Directors and ASP contributors of 2021


Elections [Chuck Gast]

Intro candidates and allow each short explanation as to why they want to serve on the Board

Request voting members present to fill out voting ballots and return to Voting Committee

Treasurer’s Report  [Chris Finnerty] 

The MV board reevaluated and reworked the budget to make it work through an event-less 2020

Finances are in good shape and all tax returns are up to date

Thanks to the ASP sponsors and our members for continuing to contribute donations and dues, even in 2020.

No MV dues increase for 2022, but will be discussed in the coming years

Finances are available for all to view in the binder and all BM minutes are on the website.


GCSAA Chapter Liaison [Carter DeMay]

There will be a dues increase from National for 2022. Class A/B up $30 to $430, Class C up $15 to $220.

BMP Facility Implementation to be pushed harder. Presentation at the upcoming Shop Tour on ease of completion.


Certification process being worked on to be more streamlined, but not easier to complete.


Encouraged MV members to reach out to Board members to get involved in MV committees.


Historical Committee  [Tim Roethler]

Comments on the overall success with the 75th Anniversary Green Cup at CC of St. Albans October 25th. A big thanks to all staff at St Albans.

Encouraged all to purchase 75th Anniversary publication encompassing the past 75 years of the MVGCSA. Pre-ordered and paid copies to be delivered over the next few weeks with copies of this publication to be available at the upcoming Shop Tour.

AWARDS: [Rickman, Kick, Carlson]

MVGCSA ChampionshipSept 13 – St Peters Golf Course


Low Net – Nick Hittler – Ass’t Supt – Meadowbrook CC

Low Gross – Kyle Moses – Supt – Tower Tee Golf

Hole-in-one – Hole #8    Pat Gray


2021 Green Cup ChampionsOctober 25 – The CC of St Albans


Jeff Olsen – Advanced Turf Solutions

Steve Leach – Supt – Gateway National Golf Links

Kyle Stratman – Ass’t Supt – Gateway National Golf Links

Matt O’Dell – GM – Aberdeen Golf Club


Scholarships for 2021 – Legacy          (No Turf)


Nathan Brown – University of Kansas

Charles Galentine – NW Missouri State

Anne Morgan – University of Illinois


Attendance Points (6) events for 2021      No MoGIC / Shop Tour

Top 5 & ties   (2) points for attendance tonight     MUST be present to win!

Assistant Supt – $250 gift certificate – BRAD THOMPSON

Superintendent – pd entry $450 Nat’l golf classic or GIS show – JOHN BRIGGS


Service Awardsending (2) year term 2020 – 2021


            Directors :       Adam Lewis – Old Warson Country Club

Dave Pini – Old Hickory Golf Club


Liaisons :         Assistant – Jeff Stickford – Greenbriar Hills Country Club

Affiliate – Rich Carlson – GreensPro


Gateway Green  [Paul Hurst] 

Paul thanked all sponsors and article contributors for assisting in another successful year for the Gateway Green publication.

New Business  [Khris Rickman]

No new business from the floor

Presentation of Special Awards  [Khris Rickman]

Person of the year for 2020 – Paul Hurst – Editor of the Gateway Green
Person of the year for 2021 – Rich Carlson – Affiliate Board Liaison and Co-Chair Green Cup ‘21

Announce election results  [Rob Schaff]

Elected to the MVGCSA Board of Directors for 2 year terms

Executive Committee:
President – Rob Kick – Algonquin GC
Vice- President – Chris Finnerty – Bogey/Log Cabin Club
Treasurer – John Briggs – Fox Run GC

Adam Lewis – Old Warson CC
Ken Morgan – Ruth Park GC

Passing of the gavel  [Khris Rickman]

Khris Rickman passes the gavel to Rob Kick – President 2022-23

MOTION TO ADJOURN           Motion by                                        Second by
Carter DeMay                                  Adam Lewis