BMM – September 2014


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sept. 4, 2014
Llewellyn’s – Webster

Tim Roethler

Mike Null

Brenda Morelock

Greg Parkinson

Khris Rickman

Don Humphrey

Rich Carlson

Tim Doll

Rob Kick

Jim Buford

Ed Eschbacher

Treasurer’s Report   [Jim Buford]  

Current balance reported:  $55,579.69

Keep it Green Trivia Night = $12,159.97 (total after expenses)

Presidents Notes [Tim Roethler]

Proposed a Board Member Appreciation night for all board members and spouses.  Date TBD.  Will set max budget.


Scholarships/Research [Mike Null]

Have had 2 applications to date.  Brenda will send an additional email clarifying the new requirements.

Future years will put a notice on the home page of the website indicating that we are taking scholarship application

May consider updating the scholarship requirements this winter.

Monthly Meeting   [Tim Schwierjohn /Greg Parkinson]

Events Confirmed:

Tapawingo event had very small turnout – will rethink for next year.


9/8 – Winghaven
FMC and Jay Young are sponsors


10/20 – Crown Point – Annual Tournament

Over the winter may thing about having fewer events next season (3) and therefore hopefully get a better turnout at each event and have more money to spend on each event.

GREEN Cup   [Rob Schaff]

Nothing new to report

Website   [Tim Doll / Khris Rickman]

Tim/Brenda working through some issues with emails sent through the site not being received

Discussed adding a general donation option on the website so that vendors who want to donate to a monthy event can do so with a credit card online.  Will make it easier to donate.

Membership/GCSAA   [Khris Rickman]

Need to provide associate member info/donations to Chuck for possible new associate membership packages  (Brenda/Jim)

Application for a new member from the Bootheel was received by Ed.  He will resend to Brenda/Khris as it was not previously received.

Education [Rob Kick]

Shop Tour set for Dec 15th (Monday) at Sunset CC
Food and Beverage sponsors are already taken care of
 – planning on doing a pig roast
FINalizing speakers – Mizzou, VA Tech, USGA, U Wisconsin

Gateway Green   [Paul Hurst]

Not present – finalizing next issue 

Assistant Liason   [Adam Lewis / Dan Lloyd]

Not present – reported that they are finalizing a fall event at Keeven Brothers and planning another roundtable event – details to come

Ethics/Nominations   [Don Humphrey]

Will send Don a list of who is up for re-election at annual meeting (3 directors)

Member Outreach   [Jim Buford]

Sent card to Mike Carron

Associate Director   [Rich Carlson/Ed Eschbacher]

Hospitality room in San Antonio is booked for Feb 2015.  Brenda contacted and signed contract and paid deposit.

Will be another joint event with the Heart of America, but we will stay in charge of the details.

Executive Director   [Brenda Morelock]

Dues coming in both online and mail – will send ANOTHER reminder email and letters to those still delinquent




GCSAA is considering adding a mechanics classification  – will see how that pans out before making decision about adding to our association.  Most not in favor currently.

Will contact chad carpenter about date for annual meeting.  Will hold at Forest Park again – convenient location for all.  Will ask for Nov 5 or Nov 12