BMM – September 2017

Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – September 13, 2017– O’Dells Irish Pub – Justen Patterson

Mike Null

Rob Schaff

Jim Buford

Kolby Armbruster

Dan Randant

Tim Roethler

Khris Rickman

Rob Kick

Mike Smith

Tim Doll – Website (A)

Dave Pini

Justen Patterson

Tim Schwierjohn (A)

Ron Exler (A)

Chuck Gast – DO


Presidents Report [Mike Null]

Bowling event was a big success. Likely repeat in 2018. Keep ears open for other options as well.

Rob Ritchey injured at golf course. Card already sent. Discuss further in Member Outreach.

Nominating Committee (Roethler, Klinkhammer and Null) has completed slate for Nov 2017 election of BOD.

Approval of Minutes from Aug 9, 2017 Motion by Rob Schaff Second by Justen Patterson

Treasurer’s Report [Jim Buford]

Current balance with US Bank is $64,518.92


Education [Tim Schwierjohn / Justen Patterson/ Dave Pini]

MV Championship all set at Franklin Co. CC for Sept 25th.

Total of 6 Speakers on the docket for Shop Tour Dec 4, 2017 at Boone Valley include:

Curt Rohe, Dan Earlywine, Lee Miller, Xi Xiong, John Daniels and _____________

Need to apply for CEU’s through the GCSAA for Shop Tour ‘17. (Patterson)

(Gast) to contact Iron Cactus to re-confirm Feb Hospitality night.

Green Cup 2018 is set for September 17th at Forest Hills CC.

Research [Rob Schaff / Rob Kick]

Green Cup 2017 at Algonquin GC is set. Bayer set for BBQ. Glasses for tee prizes are in. Buffet food at 19th hole set as in previous year’s i.e. OWCC and Greenbriar menu’s (approx. $50 each).

Golf Pro will assist with scoring and Pro Shop gift cert’s will be awarded as prizes for flight winners – 2 places in each of 3 flights for total purse $1,800.

Comp teams include Algonquin, SIGCSA (will pay price difference) & Jeff Baxter; with ASP of ATS, Syngenta, MTI, Keeven, Gamma.

Include line on registration for non-participation donation.

Membership [Khris Rickman]

(2) new members for approval;

Chad Hanson – AF – Hanson Tree Service
Jim Holtgrieve – AF – TurfHound

Website update – new homepage on the horizon. Will implement after the 2017 Shop Tour. Notice will be sent to all members that the website will be down for a couple of days when installing updates. Will make formal announcement to members at the Shop Tour ’17.

Membership Outreach [Jim Buford]

Sent flowers to Ed Eschbacher’s mothers services.

Motion approved by BOD to expense $500 for meals to Rob Ritchey & family during Rob’s rehabilitation. Rob Schaff & Justen Patterson to handle set up, meal deliveries and payments.

Motion made by Rob Schaff, 2nd by Justen Patterson – motion approved unanimously!

Ethics/Bylaws [Tim Roethler]

No report

Director of Operations [Chuck Gast]

Reviewed financial statement from August.

MVGCSA annual dues – approx. 90% have been received to date. Deadline Sept 1st.

Bowling event was a success. Expensed $2,598.36 includes food at $500.

MV Championship at FCCC is all set.

Suggest needed donations for upcoming Green Cup be focused on “dues only” paying Affiliates to increase their participation.

Working on possible wall calendars for ASP 2018. Further platinum level recognition to be discussed.

SIGCSA will pay difference (GC vs. their fund raiser) for comp team. SIGCSA will assist with Mizzou project funding through their S & R efforts.

Nadine at Classic Images is finalizing website apparel ordering for members. Will coordinate with Tim Doll.

Assistant Liaison’s [Mike Smith / Kolby Armbruster]

Round table discussion set for Sept 14 at 1 PM at Helen Fitzgeralds.

Affiliate Liaison’s [Ron Exler / Dan Randant]

Dan discussed possible Deere incentive program to be offered to MVGCSA.


Kick to send Tim Doll Mizzou billbug study for posting on website.

Send card to Don Burgess.


None discussed

NEXT BOD MEETING – Wednesday, October 11, 2017 – Host Dave Pini

MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion by Rob Kick Second by Rob Schaff