BMM – September 2018


Board of Directors Meeting 

Minutes – September 12, 2018 


Rob SchaffKhris RickmanRob Kick
John Briggs (A)Dave Pini (A)Justen Patterson
Chris FinnertyMike SmithMatt Czarnecki
 Doug HarskampAdam LewisRon Exler
Mike NullTim Doll – WebsiteChuck Gast – DO
Roethler(A)/Buford – HistCarter DeMay – Ch Del (A)Steve Wright – ET (A)
Rich CarlsonScott Reynolds



President’s Report   [Rob Schaff] 

No report

Approval of Minutes from Motion by: Seconded by:

August 15, 2018Rob KickMike Null

Treasurer’s Report   [Rob Kick]  

Current balance reported at US Bank:  $60,928.24

MAGA unable to give us a flat rate for GHIN. They are willing to refund dual memberships however.

Board requested to add KIG donation line to future MVGCSA annual dues statements.


Education  [Justen Patterson/Chris Finnerty]

Justen is close to finalizing event schedule for 2019. Possible St. Louis CC for Opener & Spring Classic at Bogey Log Cabin. Also, maybe Old Hickory for last event.                  

Research  [Dave Pini/Matt Czarnecki]

Matt and Board discussed and adjusted promotional flyer for the upcoming Green Cup. All agreed Bubba Buy-up, Mulligans and Skins contests all be set at $30. Raffle will be 3 tickets for $20 and 50/50 will be 3 tickets for $10. Steps will be taken to record actual number of raffle and 50/50 tickets sold.

Scott Reynolds, host Supt, reported he has the putting contest covered with a volunteer to assist. Scott pointed out that contestants will be asked to download Golf Genius app the day of the event. 

Adam Lewis will make welcome banner for GC. Chuck making new tee signs for new sponsors.

HD Equip/Joe Teggetoff will donate a blower. Jim Buford reported that a 1 hour golf lesson from Dean Frankowitz will also be donated. 

Board members reviewed registration table assignments. Asked to be on-site between 8 – 8:30 day of Green Cup.     

Membership  [Khris Rickman/John Briggs] 

No new members. 

Tim Doll reported that there is a need to convert website from http to https for increased security. Cost to complete this necessary task will be in the range of $400- 450. Motion was made by Justen Patterson and seconded by Mike Null to proceed with this upgrade to our website. Motion passed with limit on expense not to exceed $500. Tim will send a notice to all members prior to completing this task as the website will be down for a brief period of time while the process is underway. Tim will wait until a slow time, website wise, to complete this sometime this winter.  

Membership Outreach  [John Briggs]

No report

Ethics/Bylaws  [Mike Null]

Mike has contacted Bill Maynard about Carter DeMay’s desire to run for the Board. Chuck to contact Carter to ensure he wants to run for the Board for this upcoming term. 

Mike has stated since this is an even numbered year that MV will have 3 positions to fill on the Board. Those completing their term on the Board for 2018 include Chris Finnerty, Matt Czarnecki and John Briggs. 

The nominating committee has submitted the names of Chris Finnerty, Matt Czarnecki, John Briggs and Carter DeMay as candidates to appear on the November ballot to fill the 3 open Board positions. 

Director of Operations  [Chuck Gast]

Reviewed current dues status – 190 paid with 9 unpaid. Current total roster count at 220.

KIG total donations for the year currently at total of $2,670.35

Currently 102 signed up for the 2018 Green Cup. Tim Schwierjohn to sell (2) Yeti coolers to MV, at cost, for raffle prizes. Details for GC 18 discussed earlier in BOD meeting. 

MVGCSA Championship scheduled for October 15 at Glen Echo Country Club. Joe Wachter has all in order. Info on website calendar section. Will finalize at the October BOD meeting.  

Assistant Liaisons  [Mike Smith/Adam Lewis]

Mike stated that Nick Hittler is interested in filling the Assistant Liaison position that he will vacate this November. 

Mike is working on securing a venue for the Spring 2019 Assistants golf event. 

There will be an Assistants round table meeting Sept 20 at Helen Fitzgerald’s at 1:00 PM. Chuck to send follow up email to all members.    

Affiliate Liaisons  [Ron Exler/Doug Harskamp]

No report

HISTORICAL COMMITTEE  [Jim Buford/Tim Roethler]

Jim stated that the committee will present their progress during the Annual meeting in November in preparation for MV’s 75th anniversary in 2020. 

Further discussion pointed out that MV’s commitment to community projects has fallen short. Idea’s circulating as to where MV can make a presence in community outreach opportunities.


No report


None to report 


Discussion held in reference to the upcoming Roger Null Tournament at The Quarry October 18. Event will be added to the website in the calendar section. MVGCSA to sponsor a team in this event. Motioned by Chris Finnerty and seconded by Justen Patterson. Motion passed. Cost for team entry is $400.  

NEXT BOD MEETING – Oct 10th      Host – Matt Czarnecki   Venue – Farotto’s

MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion by         Second by 
Mike Null         Rob Kick