BMM – September 2019


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – September 11, 2019



Rob Schaff                                         Khris Rickman (A)                             Rob Kick

John Briggs (A)                                  Dave Pini                                           Justen Patterson (A)

Chris Finnerty                                               Nick Hittler                                        Matt Czarnecki

Doug Harskamp                               Adam Lewis (A)                                Eric Parker (A)

Mike Null                                          Tim Doll – Website (A)                   Chuck Gast – DO

Roethler (A)/Buford (A) – Hist       Carter DeMay – Ch Del (A)              Steve Wright – ET (A)

Guest – Curt Rohe MAGA

President’s Report [Rob Schaff]

No report


Approval of Minutes from                              Motion by:                              Seconded by:

August 14, 2019                                 Mike Null                                   Rob Kick

  • Will add notes from discussion with Rhett Evans – GCSAA during this meeting


Treasurer’s Report   [Rob Kick]

Current balance at US Bank: $63,189.89 as of 8/31/19

Reviewed profit/loss statement for August. Budget figures for 2019 remain on track.

Discussed possibility of adding line to monthly budget summary showing “Donations” for such expenses to charitable organizations. To be discussed further at budget meetings.



Education [Carter DeMay/Chris Finnerty]

Discussion of Roger Null event set for Monday, October 7th at Bogey Log Cabin Club. Chris Finnerty host. Format will be a 4-player scramble with a shotgun start at 12:30 PM. Entry fee will be $150 per player. Max 72 players. Matt Ridings, 2019 recipient, will be in attendance. A motion was made by Matt Finnerty and 2nd by Rob Kick to allow MVGCSA to assist with expenses for this event NOT to exceed $1,500. Motion passed.

It was noted that the date for the MVGCSA Championship has been moved from the 14th to the 21st of October. Apparently a scheduling conflict with Bogey Hills GC. Details for this event will be finalized right after this Board meeting.

The upcoming MoGIC conference (Dec 4th) and Shop Tour (Jan 6th) was discussed. Chris and Carter are finalizing speakers for these events. Various speakers are listed to include John Daniels – USGA, Jim Healy – MV history, John McPherson, Lee Miller and Isaac Brewer to name just a few. Dr. Crow from the U of F will discuss the identification of nematodes as well as specific control measures. Additional topics will include turf stress, winterkill, selection of native grasses and nematodes. An irrigation panel Q & A will also be formed during the Shop Tour.

Chuck to contact Xi and Lee at Mizzou and offer invitation to MV Annual meeting to accept our annual Mizzou donation.

Research [Dave Pini/Matt Czarnecki]

Discussion of upcoming Green Cup 2019 at Meadowbrook CC. Volunteer list was completed assigning duties for day of event. See in GC 19 file folder.

Membership [Khris Rickman/John Briggs]

No new members. No report.

Membership Outreach [John Briggs]

No report

Ethics/Bylaws [Mike Null]

No report

Director of Operations [Chuck Gast]

Reported that MV KIG donations to date have totaled $800. Donors so far include Bogey Log Cabin, Fox Run and Boone Valley.

Discussed annual dues receipts received to date. So far approx. 91% of existing memebrships have been paid. Totals 198 of 219. Currently there are 8 Educational and 13 Honary members.

SIGCSA annual fund raiser is set for Sept 25th at Stone Wolf GC. MV to sponsor a team ($400) for this event.

A check from EZ Go Textron has been received by MV in the amount of $1,850 for rebate of past sales of EZ Go trucksters, as per ongoing promotional offer.

Education Committee encouraged to have 2020 event list completed by Nov BOD meeting to allow time to form ASP request letter for delivery to Affiliates in early December.

Will likely add Green Cup tee sponsor option ($200) to future ASP selection forms.

Assistant Liaisons [Adam Lewis/Nick Hittler]

No report

Affiliate Liaisons [Doug Harskamp/Eric Parker]

No report

HISTORICAL COMMITTEE [Jim Buford/Tim Roethler]

No report


No report


A motion was made by John Briggs and 2nd by Chris Finnerty to sponsor a team ($500) for the upcoming Dave Shields Memorial golf tournament October 21st in Mount Vernon, IL. Team members have yet to be selected.


Discussed upcoming Roger Null event to be held October 7th at the Bogey Log Cabin Club.

Possible dues increase for 2020 to be reviewed by the dues committee. Will report at the October BOD meeting.

NEXT BOD MEETING – October 9th                   Host – Matt Czarnecki         Venue – Farotto’s

MOTION TO ADJOURN          Motion by                                        Second by
Mike Null                                       Rob Kick