BMM – September 2021


Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes – September 15, 2021

Khris Rickman                         Rob Kick                                              Chris Finnerty

John Briggs                                          Dave Pini (A)                                       Jimmy Bucher

Austin Allen                                        Jeff Stickford (A)                                  Carter DeMay

Rich Carlson                                        Adam Lewis                                         Eric Bickel

Rob Schaff (A)                                     Tim Doll – Website (A)                        Chuck Gast – DO

Roethler/Buford (A) – Hist



President’s Report   [Khris Rickman]

Norwood Hills CC Ascension tournament was a success, All positive.



Approval of Minutes from     8/18/21                      Motion by:                              Seconded by:

John Briggs                              Carter DeMay



Treasurer’s Report   [Chris Finnerty] 

Current balance reported at US Bank:  $98,263.95

Currently expenses and income are in line. Scholarships will be paid out soon. Option for GHIN membership on application and dues invoice, tabled.




Education [John Briggs/Dave Pini/Jimmy Bucher]

Championship at St. Peters GC went well.

Survey for MoGIC and Shop Tour topics request went out. Is there a deadline?

Shop Tour will be held in January ’22 at the St. Louis CC. Date TBD. Will need heaters for ST at StL.

MoGIC is Dec 1st

JB working on 2022 event schedule. ASP 2022 request forms to be sent in December 2021.

Research [Rob Kick/Rich Carlson]

Rob requested all Green Cup teams need to pay entries now. 49 of 50 team slots reserved.

Bayer checking now on possibility to bring BBQ wagon. Must know by Sept 30th! Alternate plan is to use food trucks.

Rob is checking with Grey Eagle for beer sponsorship. Approx 1200 beers needed.

Syberg’s tee sign?????               Norwood/Ascension signed several 75th flags for auction.

Tee prizes include hat, tee towel and koozie. Have some Bayer computer bags as well.

Deadline for tee sponsor is October 10th. Check with GCSA for tee sponsor sign since MV comp’d GC entries. Need help w sign placements day of event.

Raffle and silent auction items needed!

GC 21 volunteer sheet to be filled out at the October BOD meeting October 6th.

Possible venue for Green Cup 2022 – Bellerive CC

Membership [Adam Lewis/Carter DeMay]

Tracy Cahalane (C) Forest Hills CC – application for membership was approved!

No news about website.

Membership Outreach and Ethics & By-Laws [Schaff/Finnerty/Stickford/Carlson]

No report


Director of Operations [Chuck Gast]

St. Peters GC was in great shape for the 2021 MV Championship. Net profit from event approx. $900. Low gross Champ was Kyle Moses with Nick Hittler winning low net. Thanks to Rich Carlson for all his help with this event.

Norwood Hills CC Ascension Charity event Hospitality night attended well. Budget $2,000 expensed $1,513.

Topgolf well attended at near 60. Expensed $5,733.

BOD to receive GC wind shirts for uniform at Green Cup.

Annual meeting is set for Nov 10th at Probstein GC in Forest Park.

Assistant Liaisons [Jeff Stickford/Austin Allen]

Assistant’s roundtable set for Nov 16th. Venue TBD

Affiliate Liaisons [Rich Carlson/Eric Bickel]

Eric reported all positive feedback from the field. Re-emphasized help needed to get more tee sponsors.

HISTORICAL COMMITTEE [Jim Buford/Tim Roethler]

Tim gave props to Norwood Hills for great Ascension results.

Jim Healey finished w 75th book. (110) copies ordered. Jim to keep (7) copies as per contract. Books will be delivered to Tim’s office. Distribution to be completed at the Annual meeting in Nov. Book display at Green Cup registration table. Will have sign-up sheet at table for anyone wanting to order a copy.

Tim hopes to see enthusiasm return for Roger Null internship program. Covid shut it down in 2020. Has $4K balance to re-start process for 2022. With Lee Miller heading to Purdue, this may be where candidates are selected from. Hope to someday have tournament to fund this project.


No report


State Tech tour set for Sept 23. Chris Finney Chair. Promote ET program and Null Internship while there. Attending will be JB, Jimmy Bucher, Khris Rickman and Chris.

Eric Bickel to send Chuck list of ET attendees at recent ET meeting.


BMP final bill due soon at approx. $1,200

Carter explained that the Delegates meeting coming soon and he won’t be able to attend. He will discuss w GCSAA and possibly find a replacement delegate.

Carter explained Biden administration redefining waterways to an extent that may impact golf courses. GCSAA leadership is paying close attention.

GCSAA field staff position currently available. Dividing up Steve Randall’s territory.

Kick posed question about frequency and timing of MV events schedule. Too many? Too close together?

NEXT BOD MEETING – October 6, 2021 at Syberg’s Westport


MOTION TO ADJOURN           Motion by                Second by
Rob Kick                    Jimmy Bucher