Eschbacher wins inaugural POY award!

At the MVGCSA annual meeting last month, newly elected MV President Khris Rickman started what may become an annual tradition within the MVGCSA operating procedures. President Rickman enacted an idea he had been discussing for quite some time whereby an award would be given to an outstanding individual within the MVGCSA who has exhibited exemplary actions and contributions to our Association.

With an appropriate committee formed, several key factors were established to assist in determining worthy recipients for an annual award such as this.

They include but are not limited to:

  • a member in good standing within the MVGCSA
  • a person consistently active within this chapter
  • a person who selflessly gives back to this Association
  • a person who exemplifies inspiring service and dedication to the MVGCSA 

As you most likely have heard by now, the first recipient of this prestigious award is Mr. Ed Eschbacher of MTI, a very worthy recipient. While Ed’s main focus over the past several decades has been his position with Toro/MTI, Ed has always been a very frequent and active participant in all things MVGCSA.

Ed has not only been present at most monthly events throughout the years, Ed has also served on the Board of Directors as an Affiliate Liaison as well as on several committees. And as you all know, his energy is boundless and his smile contagious.  

We proudly and sincerely congratulate Ed as the first recipient of this Person of the Year award and applaud him for “setting the standard” for which future recipients of this award will be judged.

Congratulations Ed! Job well done and enjoy your retirement that you have so earned. We will however, expect to see you around at future MV events!