Events Points System info – 2021

In keeping with tradition, the winners of the 2021 season of the MVGCSA monthly event point system will be awarded at the Annual Meeting! This page explains the point system that has been established for attendance at monthly events.

Class A and B members will be eligible for the Superintendents category while Class C members will be eligible for the Assistants category. All other Class members within the MVGCSA are, unfortunately, NOT eligible for this attendance point system contest.


Points will be earned in the following manner:

  • Each member will receive 1 point for attending a scheduled monthly MVGCSA event.
  • Each member will receive 2 points each for attending the Annual Meeting and Shop Tour.
  • Max total points for 2021 is (8) for Class A & B and (8) for Class C.

The 2021 annual contest began with the Opening event in April 2021 and ends with the Annual meeting November 10th, 2021. Since there was no MoGIC nor Shop Tour, there were no points available for these events.

The top 5 point earners (plus ties) will be thrown into a hat and one winner from each category will be drawn at the Annual Meeting. NOTE – You must be present at the annual meeting to claim this award!

The award for the Superintendent contest winner will be a choice between a paid entry fee ($450) into the National Golf Classic at the GIS or the GIS show experience in 2022.

The award for the Assistant Superintendent contest winner will be $250 in gift cards.


Qualifying events include:

Dec     – MoGIC (NA)

Jan     – Shop Tour (NA)

Apr 26   – Season Opener – Winghaven CC

May 10    – Spring Classic – Westborough CC

May 24     – Ass’t Opener – Lake St Louis GC

June 21   – SIGCSA/MVGCSA – St Clair CC

Sept 13     – MVGCSA Champ – Bogey Hills CC

Oct 25   – Green Cup 75th Anniversary – CC of St Albans

Nov 10 – Annual Meeting (must be present) (2 pts)


All members are encouraged to check their point total for accuracy by reviewing their personal profile on the MVGCSA website at

Questions about this awards program are to be directed to Chuck Gast, Director of Operations, MVGCSA. Contact via email at [email protected] or 314-591-1613.