Using the Website

Your Mississippi Valley GCSA member account allows you to

  • View and update your contact information
  • Have access to a membership roster
  • RSVP and Pay for events and outings


How to Log In to the Website

To access the login page, go to, or just visit the website and click the "Member Login" link in the upper right corner. (If you would like to save the page to your favorites/bookmarks, click Control + D to add a bookmark in Windows.)

Login Screen


You may need to use your email address instead of your old username. After entering your email, please enter your password.

If you are logging in to the site for the first time,  please use the "Lost Password" link to reset your password.  If you are a returning member, we ask that you please do this also, so that all the old passwords can be updated.

password reset screen

You can enter either your user name (first initial plus last name, no spaces, all lowercase) or email. Then after you click the 'Get new password" button, the system will email you a password reset link.

When you click the link, it will open a page with an automatically generated password which you should copy, or you can enter one of your own choosing. If you would like to have a password keeper that will remember your passwords for you, we recommend getting LastPass, which is free.  LastPass can remember and enter passwords for you, and it helps protect both the website and your computer by letting you use more complicated passwords.


Using the Member Area of the Website

Once logged in, you will see tabs for Intro, Membership, Member Roster, and Edit Profile.

member homepage

The Intro tab will show your name and a link to the Board Meeting Minutes.

The Membership tab will show your Member Name and Membership Level, as well as a "Renew Your Membership" link. Please use this link to renew using PayPal.

The Member Roster contains a list of member names.  More details will be added to this area as we progress.

The Edit Profile tab is where you can go to update your name or email address, if needed.

The Events calendar is just below the tabbed area. To sign up for an event, just click on the event and then on "Read more". That's where the signup information will be once we have the details.

You can navigate to any part of the website from the member area. Just click the "logout" button at the top right of the browser window to log out.