Volunteers needed – Norwood Hills CC – Ascension Classic ’22

Dear MVGCSA Members,

The Ascension Charity Classic will again take place at Norwood Hills CC this coming September. First, I
would like to thank everyone who volunteered last year. There were several local facilities that sent
multiple people every day of the week. Likewise, there were several individuals who volunteered every
day of the week. My gratitude goes out to you. Having people who knew the routine helped immensely.
Last year we had 40 people per day, and we are looking for the same amount this year. Sadly, like
everyone else, I am finding it difficult to hire workers. We are currently maintaining both courses with
sixteen people, and new workers coming on board seems unlikely at this point. We will need more help
than we had last year.
The tournament week is September 5th through the 11th. September 5th is Labor Day, and the Tour is
holding their qualifier here on that day compounding the difficulties of the week. Despite the timing, I
am positive the MVGCSA will come through with plenty of help.
We are looking for both morning and afternoon volunteers Monday through Saturday, and morning
volunteers on Sunday. We would like you to sign up as soon as possible so we can order shirts and plan
for food. I ask that you sign up at least by July 31. If you are interested, contact Mike Null at
mnully13@gmail.com. Include the following information:

Shifts you can work
Shirt size
Phone number
Email address

I am looking forward to having you here to help make the Ascension another fantastic event
representing the Saint Louis region and all of you who ply your trade here.

Mike Null
Director of Agronomy
Norwood Hills CC